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great app, almost perfect
I've been using this app extensively whilst traveling around Europe by car. I use it for multi 1000km journeys and trip planning. some desperately needed features will make this perfect 1. dedicated zoom in and out button (instead of pinch to zoom). current zoom function often un centres and requires de/reselecting location button. 2. download or cache saved routes with actual map data, having to scroll through the entire route to cache for offline mode is really time consuming. (download option only allows aerial views of an area). just enough to cache two levels along the route would suffice. 3. an ability to reposition a selected waypoint would help for journeys with multiple waypoints. eg waypoint 3 move to 6 then calculate route. 4. ability to delay calculating route until all waypoints have been added would speed things up a lot. 5. slightly bigger buttons, perhaps 30% larger would make targeting on ipad mini much safer :) 6. add compass direction and current speed to selected position would be great. with option to add that and GPS and altitude info to toolbar would round off the feature set. thanks
dirtymouse on Oct 14, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Best open street map viewer
It's really best application for walking, traveling in totally unknown city, instead of using google maps or anothers, use this app, only thing you will need is Internet. keep walkin :)
hackins on Apr 11, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Great for Trails
Yes it's not Apple or Google maps. That's not the point. It has what they don't - trails, trails, and more trails. Where google shows nothing but a large white empty space Open shows me single track hiking/biking trails everywhere - even with their name! My local park maps don't even show some of these trails.
Mhardy4444 on Apr 4, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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A good supplement
Apple's maps or Google's Maps are fine and dandy for driving from on place to another, but when it comes to looking up bike routes or trails they both tend to fail miserably. Openmaps still provides a nice way to view that sort of info.
Wrave on Feb 17, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Not bad if you use the right map source
This is a pretty decent app, IF YOU USE THE PROPER MAP SOURCE! What the description doesn't tell you is that there are other map sources available besides OSM. MapQuest is one of those other sources. The map data is OSM, but to me the rendering is much more attractive--and you can download all you want with no hassles. It's a very simple matter to go into "Settings" and change the source. The people who have written the negative reviews obviously did not read the disclaimer provided, which clearly warns of the restrictions when downloading directly from OSM servers. It's not a restriction from this app writer, it's a restriction imposed by the OpenStreetMap people. If you don't like it, go argue with them. But don't complain here if you can't read the instructions!
IowaTVman on Oct 18, 2012 for version 4.6.3
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Good for OSM
Just getting into OSM mapping (using separate GPS devices). Having the maps on the iPhone for reference is great. Now stable, and has the blue dot. Not sure the point of Twitter integration, but it's there.
┬Áseek on Jun 22, 2012 for version 4.6.3
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Clean interface, works well
Kundalabr on Jun 21, 2012 for version 4.6.3
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Great App!
Ive used this to find hiking trails in my area and it works great.
NBrocan on Apr 6, 2012 for version 4.6
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please fix the current location bug
i love this app but please fix the bug.
radiosocket on Feb 7, 2012 for version 4.5.4
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Must upgrade iOS 5.0.0 to 5.0.1
After installation, I open the app, and all I see is a spinning "loading" icon in the center of the screen and little black/white icons in each corner of the screen. However, nothing in the app was clickable. I decided to see if the 5.0.1 would fix this loading issue. Sure enough, it did.
Moose man 710 on Dec 5, 2011 for version 4.5.4
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