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Don’t get it...
The Maps work fine. Bad - they sell you on a “Download Tool”, for $2, and then all it does is allow these puny downloads, no way to actually have useful map packages downloaded with OSM without tedious downloading.
mit5urugi on Jul 5, 2015 for version 4.6.4
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Can't download maps - forced to pay $2.50 for the privilege, then warned and discouraged from using what you just paid for. Avoid.
Uberwolfe on Apr 13, 2014 for version 4.6.4
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Needs an update...
Under iOS 7, I get constant errors popping up saying it can't load POIs. Also, updates made on OpenStreetMap take a while before they show up in this app.
PDelahanty on Nov 4, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Not for offline use
This is a great map app for use with Open Street Map data as long as there is an always on data connection. However, there are some problems with its offline caching abilities. Firstly, the in-app-purchase download tool ($2), has a bug. After I downloaded an admittedly large amount of map data (thousands of tiles), some tiles were returned with an "access blocked" notification instead of map data. I realize that OSM is volunteer run, and we cannot expect to download unlimited amounts of data from them, however, there way of knowing what the download limit is. Now, whenever I try to download even a couple of hundred tiles, some are returned as "access blocked" notifications. These blocked tiles cannot be refreshed, and exist as a hole in the cached map until the entire map cache is cleared. Instead of poisoning the the map cache with these tiles, would it be possible to throttle large downloads or pop-up a notification that the selected download is too large? This paid-for download tool is now useless to me. I don't recommend purchasing it. Secondly, if you are able to manage to cache a map for offline use (this can be done by panning around the map), it can suddenly and unexpectedly lost. Even when the "offline mode" setting is turned on, I have found that I have lost maps that were previously cached when I have been in areas with no service. But like I said, if not for the problems with the download tool and the offline cache, this is an excellent, five star, app. The user interface is simple, elegant, and very user friendly. The feel of the zooming and panning of the map, with inertia, is great. If you want to cache Open Street Map data, check out the Pocket Earth app (I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just love the app).
dlpell on Nov 3, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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great app, almost perfect
I've been using this app extensively whilst traveling around Europe by car. I use it for multi 1000km journeys and trip planning. some desperately needed features will make this perfect 1. dedicated zoom in and out button (instead of pinch to zoom). current zoom function often un centres and requires de/reselecting location button. 2. download or cache saved routes with actual map data, having to scroll through the entire route to cache for offline mode is really time consuming. (download option only allows aerial views of an area). just enough to cache two levels along the route would suffice. 3. an ability to reposition a selected waypoint would help for journeys with multiple waypoints. eg waypoint 3 move to 6 then calculate route. 4. ability to delay calculating route until all waypoints have been added would speed things up a lot. 5. slightly bigger buttons, perhaps 30% larger would make targeting on ipad mini much safer :) 6. add compass direction and current speed to selected position would be great. with option to add that and GPS and altitude info to toolbar would round off the feature set. thanks
dirtymouse on Oct 14, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Broken in ios7 on 5s
The app is a good start, but I can't even move the map around without it filling my screen with "failed to load POI" alerts. Something's borked
Eckelberry on Oct 12, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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How come it has iPhone 5 support but almost no retina support??!! Even the road names are blurry? Doesn't anyone notice this?!!!
LoganL2 on Aug 18, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Features don't work on iPad
The demo and the iPad version don't match up... Functions don't work well such as delete a pin.
TAC-yyc on Jul 5, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Best open street map viewer
It's really best application for walking, traveling in totally unknown city, instead of using google maps or anothers, use this app, only thing you will need is Internet. keep walkin :)
hackins on Apr 11, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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Great for Trails
Yes it's not Apple or Google maps. That's not the point. It has what they don't - trails, trails, and more trails. Where google shows nothing but a large white empty space Open shows me single track hiking/biking trails everywhere - even with their name! My local park maps don't even show some of these trails.
Mhardy4444 on Apr 4, 2013 for version 4.6.4
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