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Got issues
I was just now playing a game at Hard. Put iPad down. Picked it up a moment later, only to realize I'd brushed "New Game" by accident. Again. 1. Add confirm to new game. 2. Remember "pencil" on/off settings. Hate having to reenable it every time I take a break from the game. 3. FIX BEGINNER MODE. First time I played I played at beginner level which was really hard. Then I tried Easy, the next level, and it was ten times EASIER than beginner. Err?? Love it but honestly with the above, 2 is the rating from me. Got issues, but once those are fixed, this'll rock. ;)
Kayayay on Jul 9, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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Well conceived, puzzles could be harder.
Well conceived and executed. All functions are readily available and work as expected. My only issue would be that puzzles generated are too easy to solve, even at the hardest difficulty.
DenkU on Jun 1, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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Official sudoku
The interface is subtle yet quite attractive. Much more handsome than the other Sudoku apps, IMO. Gameplay is smooth. I've discovered no glitches nor problems. Certainly worth the price. I would highly recommend, however, that the answer number pad be enlarged. Some folks, like myself, will too often hit an adjacent number next to the intended one.
UkeleleBob on May 12, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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Clean, simple
This is a clean and simple app, very well-executed, with no major issues. It does have a couple of (very) minor annoyances. - The answer and pencil mark boxes could be larger. There is plenty of room and it would make it easier to hit the right number. - Don't hide the pencil marks every time I enter the app. The app lacks a number of optional features that I like to have in sudoku apps. - Gray out digit sets that have been solved (e.g. When all nine 1's are found, dim the 1's) - Allow swipe of row or column to apply a 'sticky' highlight - Automatically highlight pencil marks that conflict with numbered cells - Tap a numbered cell to highlight all matching numbered cells - Allow alternating red/blue cell highlighting for chain-solving
CleverNick on Apr 27, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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The BEST sudoku I have EVER played!
The other reviewers are right - this game is AMAZING. Everything about the interface is elegantly simplistic, and fully functional. The attention to aesthetic is really what makes this game shine. There are no gaudy colors or fonts - everything is easy on the eyes, and it's super responsive. The board eraser button is wild. It's pretty fun to swipe your finger across the board like a real eraser. Every puzzle is beautifully symmetric - unlike other versions that sprinkle givens across the board randomly, even the givens in this game are beautifully arranged. Page curling animations are also a nice touch. If you're looking for silly alternate versions of sudoku (samurai sudoku, super sudoku, 1000x1000 sudoku), then this isn't for you. If you're like me, however, and just want to play the official version of sudoku without any gimmicky features or cheesy graphics getting in your way, then this is the one you want. Everything about this game smacks of perfection. I couldn't be happier. Totally worth the download.
Whitemagnetic on Apr 25, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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WOW! This is Perfect! The BEST!
This is such a beautiful, simple and uncluttered game. My favorite layout, and I have tried a bunch. Awesome interface. No silly gimmicks or goofy clutter on the board. Looks really sharp. Very easy on eyes. Nice and big puzzle for legible pencil marks. Easy input for answers or pencil marks. Slick animation to "peel back" the puzzle to peak at answers underneath (really elegant and polished approach). Also subtle highlight vertically and horizontally through puzzle anchored on any block you have last touched and are trying to solve. I know you will love it. To top it all off, Excellent customer service! I wrote an unfavorable review originally for a simple issue. The developer responded to my email within hours and thanked me for inputs and relayed their plans to remedy. Only a couple of days later I was then contacted that the new update had just been released. This is that release, and it couldn't be better. Thanks again for such a great iPad game and interface, and thanks for the great service!
notabadname on Apr 22, 2010 for Official Sudoku
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