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!!sibelius key pad!!
Glad to see this. I have wanted a number pad since I got my MacBook Air only reason was Sibelius. So thanks! It looks really great having the visual feedback of the notes on the keys. I am very excited to get to work. It is slightly buggy on personal hotspot mode which will be necessary for coffee shop composing. But I feel like that is just general Sibelius glitching out. If ur curious you can list to music I make with my alt orchestra sebastian and the deep blue. And know your keypad is being put to good use! Thanks.
Sebastian_blu on Jul 11, 2015 for version 4.1.1
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I’m stupid w/ computers. Got to work after 5 m.
Longtime Finale user and I needed a keypad for Sibelius on my Mac Book Pro (late 2013) as I’m trying out Sibelius for the first time. Looked at options online, including external keypads. Based on reviews external keypads pose their own set of connectivity problems, not to mention time spent running to the store to buy one and hoping it connects to my laptop AND hoping that it then works with Sibelius. After looking at several apps in the app store, this one looked most promising, if a little more costly than some of the other keypad apps. I decided to pay $4.99 and see if it worked, and I can say it does - for a lot less money and hassle than going to the store and buying an external keypad. The optional Sibelius/Finale layouts are especially nice. As for connecting to my laptop, I initially chose “tap on a computer to connect” and it just spun for 5 minutes while I was pouring myself a new cup of coffee. With a sense of drudgery, I read one of the other reviews about clicking on the HELP menu within the NumPad app on my iPhone and following those prompts. I “trudged" through the 5 or 6 steps, and in less than 5 minutes it was connected. Not bad at all, I must confess! The app will not connect to your computer through blue tooth. On your computer you will have to click on SYSTEM SETTINGS and then on the SHARING folder and then select “SCREEN SHARING” and maybe one or two other steps. That’s it. Let me be clear - I hate setting computer stuff up (cursed for a full hour as I explored Sibelius’ free trial version late last night, just to give you a head’s up about my computer and software skills). I hate spending time at a computer figuring stuff out. I just want to be able to compose like the old days with an acoustic piano, staff paper, and a pencil. Even so, this was not too bad to set up. The one negative is not a fault with the app, but rather the iPhone - as another reviewer noted, the phone 5 screen is a little small feeling for tapping on the virtual keypad with the amount of note entries I am doing for a full jazz band + voice score. But perhaps with a larger iPhone this would not be a concern. Also maybe with time I’ll get used to it on my iPhone 5. In any event, it was a quick and cheap solution; it will suffice for now, and I can recommend the app.
saxy motha on Mar 31, 2015 for version 4.1.0
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Quick and easy setup with Sibelius
It only took a minute to setup this app to use with Sibelius. It’s a simple as going into the settings for numpad, touch help and follow their very easy instructions. I was up and running with Sibelius in no time. Now I don’t have to go buy an external keypad for traveling. I have two numerical keypads at home and only one is functional with Sibelius. I checked and all keys are working great, even the arrow to scroll over to the other menus within the keypad on your computer screen for things like fermatas, tremolos, beams etc. Wow! So happy to know this works so great!
missyyclaire on Mar 22, 2015 for version 4.1.0
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Works great, easy setup
The app works great and the setup instructions are super easy (I use it with Mac). I do wish they would add a feature to see what I am typing. Because it's a touch screen and not a physical keyboard it's harder to trust what you are typing without having to look up at your screen every entry. That would make working with my spreadsheets a lot faster. Other than that it works great no flakey connection issues (I use AirPort Extreme as my router).
iRebel85 on Jan 13, 2015 for version 4.1.0
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Great, useful App. Superlative support
This app does everything it's supposed to and does so elegantly and seamlessly. It's even better now with the greater screen real estate of the iPhone 6 plus. In this day of little keyboards without keypads it is just so handy. I initially couldn't get it to work when I bought the iPhone 6 and then screwed up in requesting support. In a regrettable fit of pique I posted a one star review. I tried again and got instant support on a Saturday with thorough follow up. I'm sorry I was a jerk and allowed the one star review to stay up until today. The App is fantastic. So is Steve from the support group. Buy this App and you won't regret it.
Gadifer on Nov 26, 2014 for version 4.1.0
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Great app
Bought this to use with my Mac for Sibelius since I don't have a num pad. Super useful, would recommend to anyone with this particular need.
Tb446g on Aug 27, 2014 for version 4.0.1
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Every Musician’s Friend!
I arrange a lot of music, and since I just got Sibelius on my mac, I was in need for a number pad… Alas, there’s an app for that! This not only works well as a number pad, but it works flawlessly with Sibelius 7, and it’s great that the symbols show up on the phone. Worth it!
pianoman0011 on Jul 3, 2014 for version 4.0.0
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Great Utility App
This app is a real life saver when it comes to any sort of data entry. I do a fair bit of work with spreadsheets, and this app simply cannot be beat in that department. It has a great tutorial built in, although it was a little difficult to find at first. It might be better if the tutorial was displayed upon initially opening the app instead of forcing the user to hunt for it. I love the sleek, minimalistic design. My only suggestion is use a different color for the cells and the background of the Settings TVC. Without that contrast, it's rather difficult to see the separation of the sections. Other than that, a great release from a great company.
Matt Witte on Jun 16, 2014 for version 4.0.0
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Great for iPhone, could be better for iPad
Does exactly what they claim it doesWould be nicer if (1) it worked via USB cable or Bluetooth as well as wi-fi, and (2) if the screen rotated to look as it does on the iPhone, when using the app on an iPad Mini in landscape mode. Those two enhancements would make it perfect. Maybe on the iPad version they could also add arrow keys, 'Home', 'End', 'Page Up', 'Page Down', and a scrolling area to control the mouse... That would make working on complex spreadsheets an absolute joy!
Tom-ICS on Nov 16, 2013 for version 3.6.3
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If you're a Sibelius user, you've just stumbled on to a beautiful new tool! Efficient and quick. Follow the directions to easily setup with Mac. Worth 4X the price!
SingletaryT on Aug 14, 2013 for version 3.6.2
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