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Have yet to get it to work
Works on my iPad but had never worked on my iPhone. If what one reviewer said he was told by Nest is true, that they are phasing out Dropcam, I will get rid of my Dropcam and this non working app and just get a completely different make of security camera. I never had any problems before Nest took over.
Vicki1205 on Aug 30, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Huge step back for Dropcam users
The Dropcam functionality has been severely deprecated. What happened to the timeline slider? Unless the camera detects an event that you can jump to, finding a past point in time on a recording is extremely tedious. Going back to the old Dropcam app while it's still active.
DrHockey on Aug 30, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Disappearing Features.
The camera is now useless without the Nest App and the nest app removed features from the Drop Cam app. Specifically, the app does not turn on and off based on your location. When arriving at or leaving the house, the Drop Cam app would turn the camera off and on respectively. Also, the Drop Cam would let you share the camera feed to specific people. The Nest App makes me choose between allowing everyone or just me. These were the two of the most useful features of the camera and app and now they have gone missing. The app does look nice however.
StyxUT1 on Aug 30, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Significant loss of functionality vs DropCam app
With the new NestCams, I though I would add another camera, to my existing 2-DropCam Pro installation. Little did I know I'd be forced into using the Nest App, as NestCams are now supported in the (excellent) DropCam app. Many key features are missing from the Nest App, and the absence of Timeline scrolling in particular makes for a terribly hard to use NestApp. The nest timeline view in the NestApp only allows me to see "events" it does not allow me to easily scroll through my timeline, nor does it easily allow me to rewind or fast forward easily, to before and after events. It assumes the motion detection is always perfect for detecting events (which it's not). Bring timelone scrolling back please, the Nest app interface is terrible. Or support Nest cams in the DropCam app.
Ceesar on Aug 30, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Where are all the notifications?!?!
I dont want to have the app constantly open in order to know if the baby is crying
Zb_vito on Aug 30, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Piece of junk
I had a very bad experience with the Nest Cam and Nest App. When I first tried to setup a nest app account, it won't accept my regular personal gmail or yahoo mail account. It must required a work email. Are you kidding me, work email address to authenticate a piece consumer electronic???? Anyway, I used my work email and give the product a shot. I turn on my work computer, login VPN to get the Nest setup email. What a hassle! Later, some friends told me they can set it up with their personal email address. They think I did something stupid. Glad I did save the screen shot when Nest App must require work email. The funny thing is when I tried to set it again with my personal, it accept my gmail. The nest cam design has two issues too. First is the white color USB cable, it stuck out as big visual distraction. It is relatively thick, very hard to bend or hide it behind furniture. 2nd the camera is consuming lots of power. It is hot when I am not using my App to watch live video. Not sure whether I got a defective unit. I was expecting the higher price will offer better product and better user experience. So far very disappointed at the Nest Cam.
Monilyy on Aug 29, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Prefer dropcam app
I have twins and I loved the ability to see both cameras at the same time. Dropcam gave me the ability to see on one screen both cameras whilst it wasn't with audio it was split screen so I could monitor both at the same time. The new Nest app doesn't give me the same ability, so I am still using the old dropcam app. Whilst, I love the cameras if I can't see both at the same time I may have to find a different camera system to fit my needs.
Mggggghgh on Aug 29, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Really Bad App for Dropcams
After a year of being basically satisfied with the performance of the dropcam app, which enabled me to check on what was happening around my house while I was out of town, I am terribly disappointed with the Nest app as it applies to Dropcams. The procedure for viewing recorded events is tedious and frustrating -- why nest would change what worked well on the dropcam app I do not know. I would still be using the dropcam app on my iPad, but for the fact that when I try to enlarge the smaller live image, so that I can view past recorded history, the app completely crashes. It will not allow me to even view the live camera full screen -- just crashes the minute I click on it. Nest has been fairly responsive to my increasingly irritated emails, but the reasons given for the problem are different in every response. Finally, the last response indicated that the dropcam app is being phased out and certain features are being eliminated -- apparently in an attempt to force all dropcam app users to switch to the nest app. Of course, this fact was never mentioned in the first four or five responses which suggested, variously, that it was a problem with my iPad, its operating system, the browser, or not having adobe flash installed. Right.
Ex Icon on Aug 29, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Not a good iOS citizen
Newest version is a facelift, which looks cleaner in some ways, but in true Google fashion screws up many basic iOS interaction conventions, and still missing basic integration with home kit, Siri, apple watch, etc. Example: What's with the dang fan timer selection slider? Maybe have people who USE iOS develop the iOS app. Adjacent items should be tappable! Why not make the interaction work the way it does EVERYWHERE ELSE? Oh yeah, because google is still terrible at UI design, even if they've gotten a little better at the shiny surface-deep design part. Booooo hiss.
thot on Aug 29, 2015 for version 5.0.3
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Can't change wifi source?
How is it possible that in 2015 the only way to change the wifi network or password on my camera is to plug it in? This should be easy to switch within the app. Mind boggling.
amf0324 on Aug 29, 2015 for version 5.0.2
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