Nest app: Three months of use and I'm not happy. Review

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Three months of use and I'm not happy.
Thermostat disconnected errors constantly. Settings don't hold. For instance, the app shows the fan set to every 15 minutes, but the nest shows 'always on.' Acknowledging and resetting the change filter message on the app doesn't get registered on the thermostat. For the intuitiveness of the thermostat, I'm disappointed with the app. Have to go to the settings screen to turn the fan on or off. Why can't I just toggle it from the main screen instead of digging into settings? Why can't I set the fan to come on a custom number of minutes, not just in groups of 15 minutes? Maybe I want it to come on for five minutes each hour... Or maybe five minutes on, five off, five on, etc. Why in the world do I want to "turn the phone sideways for more?" Don't mess with navigation simply to make it look cool. It's a major pain, especially if my phone isn't sensing that its being turned. The outside temperature... Is it true outside temperature or feels like temperature? If true temperature, its often very off target. Specify please. I really want the true temperature, not feels like. Why should I have to dig down into the settings just to get to 'at a glance?' At a glance should really be at a GLANCE. I've finally figured out how to switch between heat and ac. Who had the bright idea of putting a little tiny dot on the bottom right of the screen when turning the phone sideways to represent that function? The rule of three clicks in web design applies here. People don't want to have to click or turn the phone or swipe more than three times to get what they need. Take turning the fan on for example. You have to open the app, turn the phone sideways, click nest, click settings, then click fan, then click either time or every day and then you have to set the duration. Every now and again the settings don't take. When I open the app up, it's still set to the previous temperature. Then I'll have connection errors and have to restart the app. How about a way to clear the entire useless schedule the nest created after I just installed it without having to go onto the website or to the unit? Auto learn is a great feature, but its all wrong and has the ac going off and on at all hours of the day incorrectly. The whole app isn't very intuitive to use. I find myself stumbling around for days just trying to find the most basic features. Case in point is switching from heat to ac via a tiny dot. That took me seven days to find. Everything for the common user, which is a single home with a single thermostat, needs to be on one page and easy to get to with a single click in portrait mode.
Wombatmatty on Nov 14, 2013 for Nest app
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App works fine for me.
JJ15010 on Nov 12, 2013 for Nest app
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Still garbage.
Worst app ever. I'm pretty sure Nest does not have a development team. This app has been terrible for years. Go ahead spend $250 (per thermostat) for a a product you can control with their sucky app. Sometimes.
Evil Jack on Nov 12, 2013 for Nest app
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Easy to accidentally change temp
I'd prefer being able to type in an exact temperature, or tap arrows. The click wheel makes it hard to adjust the temp precisely. One false move and I accidentally turned it up to 84!
CherylG4 on Nov 11, 2013 for Nest app
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UI Controls
Bring back the up and down arrows to change the temperature! There is absolutely no reason they should have been removed. Way too confusing for the user. Don't sacrifice functionally for looks.
Eric90i on Nov 11, 2013 for Nest app
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Please fix Home/Away in portrait
It’s really annoying that you can’t access home/away from the portrait orientation. It’s a simple fix which would make the app more usable
Travelerz on Nov 8, 2013 for Nest app
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