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13th skull
Has the potential to be pretty good, but keeps locking up.
Mega ill on Jul 1, 2015 for version 1.0.16
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Crash Bandicoot
The game crashes every single time I try to complete a particular task: trimming the flowers on the side of the house. Can't finish the game. Otherwise, this would be a great game! But since I can't complete it, and I had to pay full price for it, I'm a bit disgruntled. I'm going to see if there is some way to report this to Apple.
kharkrider on May 22, 2015 for version 1.0.16
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Good, but broken
I'm a fan of the MCF games, having played every one, except this one. I wish I had read reviews before buying though as it is broken. I'm on an iPad Mini 2, running iOS 8.1.3 and it freezes on me as well during the weeds mission. I have closed out other apps, restarted my device, kept apps and firmware updated; done everything their tech support says to do except reinstall because I don't want to lose my game. This could be a great game, but unfortunately this is a fatal flaw for a high-priced game as it cannot be finished. For $6 this should work. Unfortunately it doesn't. My first bad experience with BigFish...
Darkwire82 on Mar 6, 2015 for version 1.0.16
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Don't get sucked in!!!!!!
I used to love Big Fish games. I always was able to find a way around the glitches (and there are a lot of glitches). With this game however, there are no ways around. I've been trying this game off and on for over 7 months. Big Fish simply isn't capable of fixing this game, yet they continue to keep it available for suckers like me who enjoy this type game play. Because of this, I will no longer purchase games from Big Fish.
mjamescvsd on Jan 4, 2015 for version 1.0.16
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Frustrating and not in a good way.
While the graphics are great, the music and background noises are downright tedious and having no written dialogue means listening to everything said. Too much back and forth with characters. So many glitches. Finally found the skip button in the hint menu. Currently stuck and unable to continue as I cannot take the stupid bird and cannot move forward in the game. The puzzles are good but the rest of the game is a let down. If the glitch is fixed and I am able to continue I will just so I've finished but I really wish I'd never started.
TLGray82 on Dec 22, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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I'm not buying anymore Big Fish since you aren't fixing game
UPDATE TO REVIEW: "I used to purchase a LOT of Big Fish games but I haven't since this fiasco, I decided that if it didn't bother you to take people's money for a game that can't be completed because of glitches a I can't be bothered to buy any more of your games. There are lots of other game providers and their prices are even less when they have a sale so that is where my business has gone." PREVIOUS REVIEW: I am like all of the others, kicked out over and over and over, and.... shall I keep going: during the weed cutting scene clipping all of the flowers. The flowers popped up too quickly anyway but I assume I would have made it through the scene if you had fixed it by now after all of the complaints you have been getting for over a month now. I'm very disappointed. Do I have to be concerned about buying Big Fish games now?
2birdz on Dec 2, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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So disappointing
I went ahead and bought this without playing the free demo. Huge mistake. To me, it's boring and too slow paced. Also it keeps crashing and glitches a lot. There's also not a "skip" button for hard puzzles. There's one type of puzzle in particular that I have never been good at and since I can't beat it I will not be able to move on which is extremely annoying. I would recommend you do NOT buy this game. Wish I could get my money back!
Kelly.(: on Nov 28, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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This game shuts down at the weed cutting part
Luvlilade on Nov 18, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME: Crashes, and then Crashes again and again and again
Its a total bummer, this game could be so fantastic, but it keeps crashing in the same place for me, I've followed all the trouble shooting recommendations several times but it does no good! I tried to contact the company after a bunch of scripted conversations about turning my ipad off and on, uninstalling and starting over again and so on, they can do nothing. I did some research and this is a known issue for the last year and they have no plans to fix it. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!
Bootyfoo on Nov 12, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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Very disappointing to play, constantly can't access inventory, hints won't reload and when returning to game, screen is frozen... Like a patchwork of many screens. Very annoying to play
Sueatjb on Nov 8, 2014 for version 1.0.16
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