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Really ever since the update I can't listen to music offline. I wish the cache was still available😭😭 plz bring the cache back. This used to be my favorite music. But I'm a music fan. And I really don't wanna have to find a new app.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Awesome game!! Yay on Aug 27, 2015 for version 18.8
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Rip off.
(Aug. 16) This app was amazing before the update. Before you could have the music playing in the background while you were doing other things, like reading something or be on like a social media. When you turned it off, it would stop the music, but you could press un- pause and it would keep going. And you didn't have to go back into the app just to click to the next song. It would play the next one automatically. The update ruined this app. Nobody was complaining about how annoying the background was. Now everyone is complaining about how annoying it is to not have the background playing, and I'm with them. If you guys could update it again to keep the background playing, many people would appreciate it, because this app just ruined the only place I could actually listen to my style of music that I can't download off ITunes or hear it on Spotify. (Aug. 24) um excuse me. What ever happened to the new update. I emailed you guys asking to bring the features back, and you had said that week yall were going to update this app bringing back the background playing feature. I haven't seen no update.
BochoBlue on Aug 24, 2015 for version 18.8
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This app is rubbish, when I downloaded it I couldn't hear the music I could only see the video and it was super laggy, I wouldn't buy this if I was desperate. The developers should fix these bugs
Emsycat212 on Aug 21, 2015 for version 18.8
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What happened?!
I loved this app then it told me to update it and so I did and it took it off my phone and I can't put it back on my phone cuz it reads as if it's still their so mad right now
cwlovec on Aug 20, 2015 for version 18.8
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Like it
I like it but u should be able to listen to the music without Internet 😐
Habs fan18562 on Aug 19, 2015 for version 18.8
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No music!!!
I dont care about cache anymore. But every update just makes the app worse. Stop updating if this is going to keep happening. Why the it take a millenia to load one simple video. How come whenever i rotate the screen the video has to take take another millenia to load again. If u want good reviews how about making the app better for once.
Kpop fever on Aug 18, 2015 for version 18.8
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Would give 0/5 if I could
Whoever is reading this, I'm sorry to tell you but you've wasted your time simply by considering this app. It used to be great, you could save videos from YouTube on your device and listen to songs while you played games, but now all songs require wifi to listen to, and to make it worse you can't listen to a song without having the app open so you can't multitask. It is honestly better to just open up YouTube and listen to music videos, they each require wifi, but at least YouTube doesn't take up precious storage space, and allows you to listen while doing something else. It's a shame to see such a great app get ruined by its creators.
Spiply on Aug 18, 2015 for version 18.8
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I like this app but why doesn't let me skip songs so can you please make a update where we can skip songs
Hsuayshab on Aug 18, 2015 for version 18.8
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Bring Caching Back 😡
The app was my favorite app for my iPhone to download music and to be able to use it while offline. Now since the update I can't do anything with it. Why? Can you guys bring the cache ability back. You're killing me. Once that gets back you'll get a better rating from me.
Shae2018 on Aug 17, 2015 for version 18.8
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Poop poop app:(
This app USED to be amazing! It had everything i needed, you could download all the music you wanted to and it was all free! But you did have to pay with some kind of coin currency, which was ok because that currency was very easy to obtain, but then an update that was supposed to "fix" the app (which there were a few SMALL things) All this update did was take away my ability to cache my music and music videos? How did that "fix" anything?? The. There was another update and i just kind of assumed that it would give back the ability that everyone was asking for? But no! Instead it took away even more things i liked about the app, like its ability to play music without closing the app!? (In the background) soooo, all in all if your thinking about downloading this app i would wait till they fix the MAIN issues with it, OR just find a new app..
8ruh? on Aug 16, 2015 for version 18.8
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