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Crashes everytime on startup
Tried downloading twice, both times the app crashes as soon as the window appears
led1002 on Jul 30, 2008 for version 1.1
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This is not a review.
I'm writing this because I just scrolled through a long list of "reviews" that didn't tell me a thing about this app. This is not the place to put in comments about the price of the app or comments about whether you think it's offering a valuable service. The only reason to put a review in is to inform others about how well or badly the app does in performing its advertised function. If you installed the app and want to tell others that you like it or that it has some specific shortcomings, write your review. If not, unlike me, please keep your thoughts to yourself! I'm sorry, but I was driven to this by the content that has been provided here.
MacPhd on Jul 25, 2008 for version 1.1
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I can't do anything... It crashes when I open it.....
ywindlass on Jul 22, 2008 for version 1.1
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Poor implementation, misses the "touch concept"
Is this a port from another platform? Why on earth use next and previous buttons instead of letting the user tap the fields with their finger? Why do developers default a field value without giving the user the ability to change that default? 10% is too low and if you only default two people... why would you even need an app to figure out the only other person at the table needs to pony up more cash?! Free or not, the app is clunky to use. I worked with it for 10 minutes playing around with different values and I kept wanting to tap on the fields wanting the number keypad to pop up and instead I would grumble under my breath as I force my finger down to the next and previous fields. Counterintuitive, fails to embrace the natural touch interface..... it acts like a crude clunky palm OS app instead.
Mr. Chode on Jul 21, 2008 for version 1.1
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Great application!
This is a great app and moreover it is much better than those apps avaiable for a price of 1-2 $. Just need to spend some time on the graphics and add an option to for tax calculation too.
Sayam on Jul 21, 2008 for version 1.1
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A pointless app, but a good way to have some fun with your friends on a dining table. You know you want to show off your iPhone, don't you?
Moving Castle on Jul 19, 2008 for version 1.1
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Love this App!!!
This is a fantastic little free app. It has it all. You can fill in the percentage of tip you want to give. And I think they are adding a tax field in the next release. You could not ask for more. Best app for figuring out how to split a bill among friends that I've seen. It's FREE. Don't understand the few comments here who complain about the price. Makes no sense whatsoever.
iPost on Jul 19, 2008 for version 1.1
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GREAT application!!!!!
This is a really great application to use when you go out with friends and some drink and some do not. Now those who drink can use their money to pay for their drinking and not mine! It really works great!!!! And best of all, it's FREE!!!!! Now I am saving even more money!
Uniforms on Jul 17, 2008 for version 1.1
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its free guys and pretty good too. i give 5 stars to bring its rating back up... its probably more like 3 or 4...
kylereardon on Jul 17, 2008 for version 1.1
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I like it!
YES, this app does simple math. But sometimes people are too DRUNK to do simple math or too CHEAP to pay how much they actually owe. I can't tell you how many times a big dinner bill has fallen in my lap because I was too lazy to do the math and break down what people actually owe instead of what they think owe.
OfficeParty on Jul 15, 2008 for version 1.1
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