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Cool game!
Cool game!
Smo189 on Dec 29, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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Effort Appreciated
I've played this game for awhile to really give it a chance to sell me. 3 stars is very generous as what this game lacks is a main focus (do we care about storyline or city building? It's not one thing or the other) and a big lack in polish. Camera angles are funny on quests and views get obstructed very easily as you travel south in a quest area. Through level 30, all the quest areas and baddies are the same and the game feels like you're playing the same level over and over. There are numerous bugs/exploits to take advantage of and what you understand these you can essentially beat any quest. Sometimes regardless of level. If a melee attacker swings at you he will stay in that position for the duration of the fight and so if you're ranged you can back up and hit the attacker over and over while it just misses you. (If your character is melee you can time the attackers swing and after a miss come in close to hit then back up, the monster won't follow you). This works on a crit hit as well Most of the ranged villains have an animation before they shoot and so you can easily dodge (easy as a ranged character) and the. Fire off arrows or whatever to your hearts content The second island boss just sat in the center of the screen while my ranged character just hit it repeatedly. It moved once. I moved accordingly and then say there while it took hit after hit. In a second island quest you have to guard a wagon and the guy you're supposed to protect is invincible so if you're ranged you can stand behind him and he'll take every hit without getting hurt. The timer winds down and quest complete I have only created a party once when I first started but leveled up to 31 solo-ing every quest along the way. Once you figure out how to dodge essentially all attacks you don't need any other party members. On the off chance you do get hit the game provides plenty of potions I like how you can run quests over and over to level up and I like that the game provides potions and gear. The writing is hard to read. One because there really isn't much plot and it goes takes a long time to get anywhere and two because sometimes the word bubbles pop off screen too quickly. It feels its trying to be humorous but I think that may come more naturally if the writer concentrated on plot and something actually happening in game. I can tell a lot of effort went into the game and appreciate the fact the game is trying to mix genres and feel new. It's a great start to a game. It really is. It just needs a lot of clean up work and better direction and execution.
Greg Hobbs on Dec 29, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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Bring $$$
This is a nice game with a lot of potential but you really can't get very far without spending money on an inventory expansion. And you can't succeed without the items in your inventory.
Pauly D 59 on Dec 27, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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great game
Blebr001 on Dec 25, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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Cool graphics
Billy808Char on Dec 24, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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Good game
Very nice game! But have a some bad moment - when monsters can be lvl 65+ you can be only 60 lvl..last quest lvl 60 really hard. Gamecenter: CAHEK88
badweather09 on Dec 24, 2012 for Knightly Adventure
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