KHET 2X: Promising but falls short with poor interaction Review

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Promising but falls short with poor interaction
Did you guys watch how actual chess players use their software? In the history part of the menu, > remove the 'play' arrow button > remove 'home' button. > Take back both computer AND player moves by touching arrow. (Right now the arrow just moves back 1 move for either the computer or player. We don't want to watch the computer move again) Whenever I hit the back button, it needs to go to my move. >At the END of the game, I'll want to scroll through move by move, but it looks like you haven't implemented that feature. It's your call. No time to review your games afterward might benefit new users but your clientelle (real repeat players) are going to want to review their games. >Get rid of the delay after going backward or forward. This is killing your app. If you push back, you can't push any other button (including closing the menu...) for 3 seconds. I'm sure some programmer thought this was a helpful feature. Thank you. It's not. There's no feedback so your users just keep tapping the buttons wondering what happened. It's like the game is frozen and won't listen to them. This is your biggest pain point. Menu arrow >when the computer is making a move, the menu won't open. You have to wait for the computer to think and for the piece to finish animating. Again, it feels like your buttons just don't work and the program is broken when you temporarily disable buttons like that. Undo disappearing > leave the undo option there when the computer is making a move. When you're watching the computer deliver the hurt, that's exactly when you want to undo the move. General: > Game crashes in with Classic setup in Anoobis difficulty. Happened to me twice now. >At a certain point the computer gives up and won't even try attacking.
ty meister on Dec 4, 2012 for KHET 2X
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The Good and the Bad
Good: Recently discovered this board game and purchased the app when I learned of it. Really like the implementation of the game. Good graphics. Easy to use interface. Contrary to some of the negative reviews I do not believe the difficulty level is locked. Nor is the AI unbeatable. It took a few days, but I can now consistently beat the AI on the easiest level and am working on the 2nd level. Bad: To echo what one of the positive reviews said, the screen orientation is locked, which is a minor annoyance. The only problem I have experienced thus far is when I make the winning move on the 2nd difficulty level, the app crashes. (Fix the crash and this would become a 4 star review). Recommendation to the devs: Please add the "eye of horus" expansion piece to the game and a "design your own starting layout" option.
SWDOnline on Nov 23, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Good, BUT...
Good as far as reproducing game play, but why lock the display? These guys have locked the game screen in mode and orientation. On my iPad my case forces me into one landscape mode: speaker on the right, headphone jack on lower left. All my other apps just "right" themselves and it's fine. These guys have taken away the ability of the app to adjust to the iPad orientation. Poor programming. What a shame.
THE Dreadnaught on Nov 13, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Horrible game! I want a refund!
Kerst Houweling on Nov 13, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Terrible app of a great game
There is so much wrong with this app. Pieces disappear then magically reappear. Computer ai is set to master no matter what skill level you choose. I hope this gets fixed fast because it is overpriced for the end product and user experience. Not a good official product or advertisement of the fantastic board game. Buy that instead, it's more expensive but far more fun.
SandySound on Nov 10, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Not fun to play AI
If you planning on playing versus computer, I wouldn't get this one. Computer is too difficult to beat on any level and takes any fun out of the game. Not even beat, the computer doesn't let you do anything, it is always on MASTER level. Not even a good learning experience. If you going to play 2 player, it's a better option.
Skrimshaw on Nov 6, 2012 for KHET 2X
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