KHET 2X: Could have been great--but it it's not even close. Review

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Could have been great--but it it's not even close.
I love Khet. It's a great game. This plays, more or less, as the board game does. It doesn't look as good (it could), it's not as expensive (but boy is it), and it functions (basically). Major complaints: 1) Board isn't reversible--so in standard iPad 'recline' mode or standard iPhone "gamer" orientation (headphone's up), it's upside-down. Very annoying and such a simple thing to implement. 2) The iPad and iPhone apps ARE THE SAME! At least make the iPad version universal--but buying both I feel truly ripped off. Ticket to Ride nailed it--they made a brilliant conversion with tons of polish AND an iPhone game. They are different and have different features. One is for home--the other for travel. That's how they play. But it's worth it to have both at the same cost. 2) You can't play as red (second player) against the AI. 3) The manual is literally copied from the board game. Nothing else about the interface is discussed. 4) AI is very competitive and a little slow, even on the "Noob" level--the difference between the AIs is subtle and not described. 5) There should be pick-up games. Playing friends is fine--but playing strangers for ranking is where it's at. For the price point, I think the feature should be included. 6) They made one of the most positively beautiful board games totally boring to look at. So the game is great. The game itself gets points. 2. But the iPhone and iPad conversions paleā€¦ *PALE* in comparison. And that's tragic. And $11 for the iPhone and iPad version when they are IDENTICAL? Highway robbery. Just buy the iPhone game and play it in 2X. That's all this is. 2X the size, 2X the price, SAME THING. Zoom it and save your change. Get Ticket to Ride, maybe.
Mitchismo on Mar 7, 2012 for KHET 2X
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got it,amazingapp,love it baddly.
L.Shrewdduke on Feb 17, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Good game~
Like it~
Bad Watch on Feb 17, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Great board game conversion
The AI plays a strong game, and the graphics , while different from the board game , fit the theme and don't distract. Decent tutorial system. Great implementation of a classic board game. I can imagine it would be challenging to pick up the game mechanics if you have never played the board game, or worse yet if you have never played ANY other such as Agricola, but you can always refer to the online rules for the board game. The key to overcoming the learning curve is to learn how the iconography next to each building describes the purpose of the building. Overall, I'm very impressed! I would have liked to have been able to examine the board when the final scoring is tallied, and a score pad that details how each player's final score was arrived at, but these are minor quibbles from a statistics freak... Highly recommended.
aaaa oooo on Feb 17, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Great Game Hampered By Implementation Issues
I really enjoy Khet - the game itself is a great chess-like game with a modern spin (freakin' lazers!). Learning the rules and move-set is easy, but coming up with a good strategy takes time. Do you go offensive? Do you play low key and react to your opponent. Every game could be different, depending on you and your opponent's play style. I'll break things down - like and dislike: Like: - As I said earlier, the game itself is fun. And it's convenient having a portable version on your iPad. - Three different table layouts with four different levels of AI; plenty here to learn strategy - Asych online multiplayer; essential for a game like this . That being said, there are some issues with this implementation: - AI only seems to work when you have an internet connection. When I try to play offline, it says "Unable to get next move. Please Try Again." Why does this need to pull AI routines from a remote server? You should be able to play this game against the AI without an internet connection. - Graphic design is very pedestrian. The game doesn't need fancy 3D models or anything, but the 2D artwork is very plain and uninspired looking. Merely functional looking. - Non-Universal build. I dislike this for a couple reasons. The biggest of which is that it fragments the potential multiplayer base (since iPhone and iPad are separate builds). Second, this is an expensive game, relative to the competition on the App Store
WakeOfPoseidon on Feb 9, 2012 for KHET 2X
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Beware - the game is pretty addictive!!!!! Caution - you can't easily win the game!!!!! Warning - it's not like a common game you have downloaded so far!!!!! Love this game sooooooooooooooooooo much:::::::::::::::::::))))))))))))
all4iPhone on Jan 31, 2012 for KHET 2X
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