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Not working. Instacast 2 works better
I pay, onemoretime for this app. I use it everyday on iPhone. I dont need a fancy sync service, I just use on one device. I kept version 2 on my iPhone, lucky me, cause is the only one reliable. Works fine, update all my feeds, more than 120, and yes I have a life, I listen podcast 2 or 3 hours a day minimum. With Instacast 3, my iphone 5 freezes, not refresh all my feeds, I reduce the list to 97, and still having same problems. Feeds are not refreshed. Podcasters tweet about new episodes I cant see if I refresh a list of unplayed, or all the subscriptions. To see the new episodes I have to refresh every single feed. Anyone having a poor management of downloads in instacast 3? Downloads take forever... Im sure the developer is working hard right now but the app is just not working, as instacast 2 on the first releases. Im not recomending this app right now. Full of bugs and not working at all.
maeltj US on Dec 12, 2012 for Instacast 5
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I loved Instacast, but this is garbage...
I used to use this app 2-3 hours a day, everyday. Now, they are charging full price again for an incremental update that most apps would charge for free. With this version, something as simple as deleting a downloaded podcast is a pain. It makes you go into settings and "offline storage" just to delete something after I'm done listening to it. I sometimes listen to 5 or 6 podcasts a day! And Vemedio FAQ response is that they took it away from the show notes page cause it was too confusing to a lot of users. Well if a user can't figure out that a download icon with an X over it is delete - then maybe they shouldn't own a smartphone!!! I tried setting up auto-delete after listening in the settings and he podcasts don't delete. What a joke! I am going to stop using this until they fix some fundamental things. i have no problem paying, or even re-paying for a quality product. Charging again for an inferior product is unacceptable. That was the last time I'm giving Vemedio my money...
Algorhythm74 on Dec 11, 2012 for Instacast 5
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Totally broken
This app developer is a joke. He's been charging for sync for two versions now and none has worked. The app is broken. Sync doesn't work. He is robbing you of money of you buy this app. You've been warned.
Lekun on Dec 11, 2012 for Instacast 5
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Two steps back
Nice design overhaul, and some things make much more sense this time around. But, generally, the app is less solid and works less well than its predecessor. I'd hang on to the old version instead of buying this one.
coopero on Dec 11, 2012 for Instacast 5
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Huge disappointment! Crashes when premium podcasts are logged into. Deleted app and re installed and now it won't work at all. Going back to Podcaster
Angel Gonzalez on Dec 11, 2012 for Instacast 5
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Some issues addressed, some added!
I haven’t written too many reviews for the iPhone/iPad apps, primarily because the points I want to make are covered in others’ reviews. But Instacast is the most used third-party app on my iPhone. Unfortunately even after the 4/5 rating, I am slightly disappointed by the new version. The app gets a 4 star because the app still excels in its core functionality. Amazing interface, easy management of podcasts, multiple options, seamless sync (with 3.01) and fast refreshes. The few things bringing this app down for me: •Slow downloads – even on 30Mbps wifi at home, sometimes the downloads get stuck (more so for podcasts older than 6 months). The ‘time left’ reaches 90 minutes or so at times! Clicking on the ‘x’ and re-downloading seems to solve the issue most, if not all, of the times. •iPad interface is weird. Like others have mentioned, artwork centers with lots of blank space. The amazing interface functionality on the iPhone makes me wonder if the same people designed the iPad interface! •The two main UI – Subscriptions and Playlists are both divided into two halves. Wouldn’t it have been neat if you could move the area the halves occupy? I haven’t yet found the usefulness of the smart playlists or regular playlists and so the left half of the ‘Playlists’ tab is almost completely empty – wish there was an option of expand the other half. •On the iPad again, when looking at the artwork with tons of blank space, why couldn’t there be the Bookmarks and Chapters on the same view? •I believe it is okay to change a feature if the new version improves on the original. In these cases I am okay with having a learning curve. But I don’t see how tapping a tiny ‘i’ next to each episode is better. I have already accidentally tapped on it and started streaming a podcast instead of checking out it details to see if I wanted to download it. What does this change accomplish? •It’s the same with the change in the deletion setting. In this new version, the episodes DO NOT get deleted automatically after you have played them completely or manually marked them as played. The only time I want to keep a podcast for long is when I really like the episode or I want to come back to it again later – both rare cases. So, I fail to understand why auto-deletion is taken out. •Also, for a NEW app and so much hype, I was hoping to get a few more interface changes on the iPhone app. Again, these problems are minor annoyances I would like to see addressed, but the core experience is still a lot of fun.
Abeworld on Dec 10, 2012 for Instacast 5
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