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Loved the previous version...
Find this new interface completely unintuitive. I just want a simple and clear interface that doesn’t require so many steps to access and ultimately delete podcasts or mark played. Not sure why there is a "delete file" and “delete" option where the delete file has no discernible function. Please bring back the old interface.
jonschneid on Oct 30, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Audio on headphones starts at the max value
Audio on headphones starts at the max value (100%) which is very annoying when listening using in-ear headphones which usually need the volume set to 20-25%. I’ve contacted the developer several times (via their support form), no response back.
bamse16 on Oct 30, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Syncing doesn’t work
The app works OK if you only want to use it only on your iPad, iPhone or even on your Mac. Syncing between them is completely non-functional though despite what the developer promises.
AgentUtah on Oct 30, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Rewrite it all
For 4 years I've used Instacast. I used to think all the weird bug fixes was them progressing but they just keep coming. Something is right in this app and it's really deep. They keep patching it but at a certain point just cut your loses. Redo it all. As a user I don't trust it to work correctly anymore. Too many patches and apologies.
orangebluedevil on Oct 29, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Sync Issues Resolved
I had a sync issue as well, but had a great back and forth with the developer over several days that completely resolved my issue. I think there was a bigger issue than my problems, but I got goo attention, and sync is fine. That restores IC as the best Podcast system for iPhone, iPod and Mac. Start here, finish there, and the machine keeps track of it all. The layout is a bit complex at first, but it makes sense once you use it for a bit. This is a podcast power-app, and the cool bells and whistles may be too much for the weekly Prarie Home Companion news listener. (No offense.)
ToddPDX on Oct 28, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Each release is worst than the last
I really regret moving over to Instacast, both on iOS and the Mac. The latest annoyance is that settings to disable automatic downloads of subscriptions keeps getting reset to automatically download everything. Leave your iPhone sitting unplugged at 100% and less than two hours later the battery is down to 2% because Instacast has decided it knows better than you and has been downloading every episode across every subscription. What a total piece of garbage. I’ve heard that Overcast is coming later this year and I’m hoping it turns out to be a lot better than the other options out there. A blog post from the Overcast developer compares several of the options currently available and isn’t shy about pointing out all the horrible bugs each option has. This has been a total waste of $25 (iOS plus Mac version cost) Update: The latest update of the Podcasts app fixes a lot of the problems of the early releases and you can go back to creating playlists that will play in the Podcasts app in any order you wish. Once you’ve created a manual playlist and populate it, go to the podcasts tab in iTunes when your device is selected and change the selection to “selected podcasts”. This will expose the list of playlists you have that have podcasts in them. Then under My Stations on the Podcast app on iOS, you will find iTunes Playlists with your selected playlists. Finally we get back to the point we were with the music app a long time ago before they decided to remove podcasts from the music app with a half baked Podcast app solution.
WhiplashZamboniMan on Oct 25, 2013 for Instacast 5
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