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Instacast 4
Please add gesture support It's not very safe for me to tap the forward or back button to skip ahead or back 30 seconds while I'm driving. I would like to just swipe the screen or double tap the screen to Pause. I would like to swipe right skip ahead 30 seconds swipe left Skipback 30 seconds and perhaps other gesture supports to skip ahead two minutes and skip back two minutes. I would also like a gesture that would mark is played. I want to say that Instacast has been my fav podcast app for the iPhone. In my opinion it's the best out there even know sometimes when they do updates it may not be to my liking especially the interface. I actually thought Instacast three was really well done. After upgrading to version 4, I downgraded to version 3. I was so happy to see version three again that I could've hugged πŸ™‡ and kissed 😘 the screenπŸ“±πŸ‘„ Suggestion to people upgrading. Before you do it on the mac, download the update on the mac in itunes, then look in your trash for instacast 3 and take it out of there just in case you need to go back as once number 3 is gone you can't get it back. You can also restore it from a backup with time machine as it's in the itunes folder in the documents folder titled mobile downloads. I needed to go back to version three because my subscriptions wouldn't take my username and password after I upgraded this app along with iOS 7 When I went back to version 3 it did take my passwords and it was all fine. If you don't have any subscribed podcast that need usernames and passwords then you should be fine. Perhaps it was just the one that I subscribed to I don't know. There are some features that I really like in this Instacast four with iOS 7 which was: I like that you can download in the background without it timing out. I do like the swipe left to right to get to the playlists, subscriptions, etc. I think they call that the basement. Off the top of my head that's actually all I can think of. I actually miss version three for many reasons. The text on the new update version four is too small it's hard to read for example the time on the play head very tiny hard to read. Also there doesn't seem to be much separation on the interface for example there's a very very thin line between the podcast lists so it makes it like it's altogether in one big clump and not separated by any lines. Another thing that I miss is the tap to play. I like version three that you just tap anywhere on the episode and it will play. With the new update you have to tap on this really tiny button on the right-hand side in order to get it to play. They also changed the way notifications work which I'm not really sure if I like or not so I have to check that out further when my podcast subscriptions are fixed. I also miss when you refresh your podcasts in version 3 it would show them go though the names of the podcasts on the bottom as they ware checking them, with number 4 it only shows a spinning icon. I'm not sure if this is still there but hopefully it still shows the progress on the episode like a number 34min min that many min. left and the circle was either solid or not depending on how much you listened to it or watched it. I didn't get a chance to see that yet. Hopefully it's there. With update number 4 you have to tap on the icon for the podcast on the left to see the show notes which is okay I don't mind. So the conclusion of my review is the new interface for Instacast 4 needs to be tweaked, and my subscription that needs the username and password needs to be fixed so it will work with this new version. Just a note my subscriptions do work in Instacast three, downcast, and Instacast on the Mac, but not Instacast for iOS version four. When I went back to version number three it worked fine with my Subscriptions. Feature requests: Swipe left or right to jump 30 sec forward or back. Swipe down to pause. Also be able to access and restore deleted episodes like in Instacast 2. Make it so tap anywhere on the episode to play instead of a tiny button. Have more separation on the interface so they all don't blend together Make it so I can go into the settings on a per subscription basis and be able to manually put in the username and password like I can do with downcast. Make the text bigger, esp. the time next to the playhead. Also make the playhead thicker.
DudemanLA on Sep 24, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Still needs work
The more I use Instacast 4 Im tempted to move back to Instacast 3. While I like the controls better while playing a podcast I am in no way a fan of the "Up Next" "feature". Im not even sure how it figures out what is next, it doesn't seem to sync with the "Up Next" on the Mac version. There needs to be a way to just do continuous playback like previous versions. I would still love to see volume level per podcast settings since some of my podcasts are much louder than others. Otherwise this is a great app Im just looking forward to it being as easy and friendly to use as version 3.
Baskettcase on Sep 24, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Worth every penny.
Cryo84R on Sep 24, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Finally delivers
I have bought every version of instacast. I have no problem doing so. Version four delivers on all the promises of previous attempts. Sync is now much more reliable, I suspect due to the constant background updating. Previously in version two and in version three it just never worked. The interface matches iOS 7 well and expands on that concept without appearing too much like a stale copy of the stock apps. There are a few minor interface issues. Swiping to mark a podcast episode as read and swiping to go back to the previous screen are often gestures the app confuses. There are also far more taps and gestures to navigate the app then in previous versions. Importing subscriptions is still inconsistent and often will crash the application. Syncing with the Mac version is often problematic and I often run into syncing edge cases. I subscribe to about 40 podcasts. I suspect this is more than the syncing system was made to handle. That being said, syncing with the iPad is immediate in version four. Often my problems with sync are that overtime the app slowly gets out of sync with the other clients almost like a watch that slowly becomes off by a few minutes. Support is lacking as any email I have ever sent to the developer might as will have gone to a black hole. In comparison to recent versions of downcast or pocket casts it is a competent competitor. Unfortunately there is nothing here to really differentiate it from the other two apps. What you choose to install will still be based on personal preference. For me, there is still no perfect podcast application. The new pocket casts is good but doesn't allow batch editing. The new downcast is good but requires to much micromanaging of your podcasts. Instacast is just the lowest common denominator of the features I want in a podcast app.
Aaron D'Amico on Sep 24, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Pretty good
Clean UI, up-next playlists, and individual podcast settings makes this a great replacement for my old iOS 6 era podcasting app. The only feature that's missing is being able to swipe the now playing screen left or right to make skipping back or forward easier while driving.
Tchjunky on Sep 23, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Before iOS 7 i had been using Apples podcast app because I had no issues with it. I had tried downcast, pocketcasts, and previous versions of this app but for some reason I always went back to the official podcasts app. I love the design and finding new podcasts is really easy. Great app. Well worth the money
Auburnfanps3 on Sep 23, 2013 for Instacast 5
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