Instacast 5: Great App With Just a Couple Annoyances Review

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Great App With Just a Couple Annoyances
Overall this is a great app. I just have a couple problems with it. First, I use the same settings for every podcast, but they slightly differ from the default settings. So, I have to manually change the setting for each podcast that I subscribe to. Why can't I just modify the default settings and have them apply to all podcasts? Secondly, the swipe gesture on the table cells are very unreliable. It always takes me multiple attempts to mark a podcast as played by using this gesture. If these are my only gripes, then the app is pretty solid. I would like to see them fixed though.
cdoncarroll on Mar 26, 2013 for Instacast 5
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One big problem
I have been a user of Instacast for more than 2 years, so I happily downloaded their newest version. I have found one issue. When I am listening to a podcast, and I receive a phone call, the podcast pauses for me to answer the phone, but does not resume after the call is completed. Since I listen to most of my podcasts while I am driving and using a hands free system, this is quite a problem. I have seen this issue is previous versions of Instacast and it has been addressed. However, until it is fixed in version 3, I am going to be using my older version of Instacast.
MaryJ76 on Mar 22, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Fantastic app!
This is a killer app for any iOS device. I use it 5 times more than all other apps combined. (Well, minus the audible app.) I love the way it keeps your position across all your iOS devices. The refresh and downloading is bit quirky and sometimes freezes the UI for a few seconds. Hopefully they polish it in future releases. To the developers: A web interface for managing your subscriptions would be a great feature.
danieleli on Mar 16, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Nice app
Great upgrade from Podcasts. Has everything I want. Happy.
Jesse Atkinson on Mar 13, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Good but imperfect
After using all the top apps, I slightly preferred downcast but only slightly. Instacast was quite as easy for how I listen -- hard to skip over an episode which I might come back to later; wish it was easier to skip to next cf jump to end and mark as played. But instacast was my second favorite and way better than the native iOS 6 app. Give instacast a try -- it might be your fav even if it was my #2
Lars5mith on Mar 7, 2013 for Instacast 5
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Many mysteries - no support - save your money
I like Instacast --- when it works as you'd expect --- which is true in some cases. But too often, it just frustrates. Problems & mysteries--- Many of the settings are cryptic at best and confusing at worst. For instance --- * Try to download several podcasts and then play them continuously. After weeks trying, I still have not deciphered how to do this basic thing. * Try to set it up so podcasts that have been played are automatically deleted. You would think that the settings "auto-Delete Content: 'Finished Playing' and 'Marked As Played'" would auto delete podcasts, right? Nope -- you're wrong. Your playlist soon becomes cluttered with finished podcasts. * Want to understand the symbols shown on podcasts, like a green triangle, blue dot and an "i"? Sorry, you're on your own -- no explanation. I've deciphered what the blue dot is (not played). I think the green triangle means the podcast has not been downloaded. And the "i"? I can not figure that one out. * Want to understand the multiple pages of options, many seemingly duplicated? Think setting general default options will apply to new subscriptions? Don't count on it. After weeks of use, I'm still finding options on individual subscriptions that differ from what I tried to set as the default. Not to worry you think -- I'll look inline for info. Too bad -- there are no answers to any of the above. OK then, you think, I'll write their support email. Sorry -- they won't answer your (paid customer) request for help. Black hole. Save your money unless you like solving poorly designed interface mysteries. !!!
RicardoSwe486 on Mar 3, 2013 for Instacast 5
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