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It works.. Full of adds.. Not stylish.. But its free and works. So A+
Spo0o0okyd on Oct 6, 2015 for iMagic Rotator Zing w Panorama Vide
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Love it
I love listening to the music but I think that they should have some more theme songs
Deadnoodles on Oct 6, 2015 for Soundtracks for Fullmetal Alchemist
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This game rocks
JRtnt on Oct 6, 2015 for Pranks
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App keeps crashing
App keeps crashing. PLEASE UPDATE APP because its not compatible with my Iphone 6 :(
Janet Cervantes on Oct 6, 2015 for iDream
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Notifications not working
I'm no longer receiving notifications on iOS9. Even when that feature is turned on they aren't being pushed through.
001001001100 on Oct 6, 2015 for Metro Vancouver Transit Police OnDu
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Two thumbs up
I use this app twice a day. So helpful.
Giltoad on Oct 6, 2015 for ChantBuddy
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Good app
Good app , it very useful
MvciNon on Oct 6, 2015 for iPick
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Gkbbhh7886655 on Oct 6, 2015 for RollSave
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needs feature that shows pressure lost/gained
if in the widget it would show how much pressure was gained or lost since the last time you adjusted the hand for either station or sea level pressure, that would make this really good
ItsChrisRyann on Oct 6, 2015 for Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone 6
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Love it!
Really stands out from the sea of other apps all trying to do the same thing. It’s a unique concept that works and seems to be catching on!
Sagar Shah Cal on Oct 6, 2015 for Deshtiny
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