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What is the point of this app? It's just a cheap attempt to leech off of the notoriety of anonymous. And it even looks like they got people to post good reviews, which are obviously fake, so good for them, they have some kind of racket and it's working, as the app hasn't been removed. So, good work.
JacobRwanda on Oct 6, 2015 for iAnonymous
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ppdec on Oct 6, 2015 for QQ 浏览器
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Few Quotes are Bible Based
Some of the quotes and combined pictures in this app are great, I will keep and love those as long as I live. So good job for those and thank you. All the pictures are gorgeous, with proper photo editing, coloring, etc, and HD goodness for my 6+. Additionally downloading the pictures is easy as pie... As long as you paid the $0.99, which is a small price. My primary complaint and reason for 2 of 5 stars is because roughly 90% people of the quotes have nothing to do with the bible at all, they are just motivational sayings. About 30% are commonly heard motivation sayings, 30% of the quotes are sports based, 20% are actually slightly anti-biblical, 10% make no real sense or point, and 10% are good bible based sayings with beautiful and relevant images. I would have given 3 stars if it were not for the excessive adds. I tried the free version and EVERY time you view a new picture AND try to download a picture an add plays. This means for every picture you download you view TWO 5-10 second adds. Because I wanted to support a fellow Christian I paid the small amount of money, however I was more than happy to dump the adds as well. There are 44 images with quotes in the app and after PAYING the money, the app still force quits after viewing and downloading about 5-7 pictures. This means I had to reopen the app and get asked if I wanted to rate the app about 8 times. Overall there are a few gems in here but are a little overshadowed by a lot of biblically irrelevant and a few anti-biblical quotes (mostly the sin of pride and self sufficiency, which ironically is the sin I commit the most often out of all the commandments). The app might be better suited if labeled as a motivational wallpapers app with some biblical and Christian quotes/ encouragements.
JTBBALL15 on Oct 6, 2015 for Spiritual Bible Verses HD Wallpaper
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Please read
They dont always post facts everyday but most of the time they do. Just noticed, though, that they spelled Iliad wrong by adding an extra "L" Anyways this is a great fun fact app. Just needs better proof reader at some points and they need to keep up with a fact a day ratio. Other than that. GREAT, AWESOME APP TO HAVE AND KEEP!!
Deez_salty_saggy_nuts on Oct 6, 2015 for Owl
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Very good app
I checked the version history and saw that the developer has been supporting this for years so I purchased it and as a person of Irish ancestry I'd like to say thanks!
Akosimike on Oct 6, 2015 for Mythology
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Not to bad
I like it so far. I have been using Ventriliod but have ran into a lot of issues lately. The most recent being my voice coming in to loud. I have found this program to be more reliable so far but I will update as soon as I try it out more.
Redroyal122 on Oct 6, 2015 for Ventastic
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Lov it 😘. But why keeps resetting & repeating pics in all categories so soon!!!!
Honeyb1741 on Oct 6, 2015 for Adivina las Fotos
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My childhood
Loved the first soldier ants. Wish I could redownload it again. Really love the app tho, and multiplayer would be great online. Well worth .99
Bankroll Fresh on Oct 6, 2015 for Soldier Ants 2
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Lovely app, terrible arrangement.
I've had this app for a long time, and I enjoy going through it every once in a while. I don't mind the changes or the rather loud background. But what I find very annoying is the fact that the previous/next page buttons are placed directly above the ads, so one inadvertently clicks on the ads when navigating from page to page. Please reposition the buttons. I liked when I could swipe back and forth. On the quote itself. Not all previous elements should be scrapped in favor of novelty. Keep the ads on. Change the button positions.
Kofo.Z on Oct 6, 2015 for Love Quotes and Sayings! Daily Roma
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Great App!!
Awesome font app works great would deff recommend.
TOB Bridgewater on Oct 6, 2015 for Fonts
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