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심심풀이용으루 딱
팍팍터지는 효과가 기분좋게 만드는 게임이네요 ㅎ
runneryhy on Oct 13, 2015 for 상하이 애니팡 for Kakao
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Was work good but now not.
I hope you guys fixing this
Saúl arroyo on Oct 13, 2015 for Bus Boy
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Lots of fun
Awesome! - 😃
Pacific Tikiman on Oct 13, 2015 for How to Draw Pixel Superheroes
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good game
this is a great game really enjoying playing
Brownmary on Oct 13, 2015 for Horror Escape
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Gυ¢¢ι αρρ, иι¢є σffєяѕ, єνєяутнιиg gσσ∂
warrior4334 on Oct 13, 2015 for Vinest
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Worst app ever with a catch-22 login
Linked-In has done it! They first force you on a full site when sent to view a blog I was just trying to like and comment on but had a typo and accidentally hit send when I meant backspace and then am no longer able to comment and they tell me I *must* install this dumb pulse app. That's bad enough, but after struggling to remember my password I'm told I need to give them a security pin which I would receive as email. So I check my email and sure enough there's my pin. So I switch back to pulse and am forced to log in again and am told I have the wrong pin!!!!! They send me another email but when I get the pin I'm logged out and need a new pin!!!!!!!!!!! Catch-22 if ever there was one and now I've just spent a half an hour in the middle of a sleepless night trying *just* to erase my comment and try again or edit it!!!!!!!!!!!! WORSE APP EVER!!!!!
Jeffrey and Xiaoming on Oct 13, 2015 for LinkedIn Pulse
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Very handy!
Very handy way to keep track of the pick up schedule. Notifications are just right.
BenNeiv on Oct 13, 2015 for Denver Trash and Recycling
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Best one
This app is the first of its class. Make more love this app.
Zacharykhaniy on Oct 13, 2015 for Video Mixer
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Wait, what?
All of a sudden random figures have been removed from my inventory. When you own an expansive collection, you sometimes forget what you own so this is a major inconvenience.
Johnny Vaudeville on Oct 13, 2015 for Clix
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Can change
It's fine.
Rarest stresses on Oct 13, 2015 for Doodle Buddy for iPad
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