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It used to be good now it doesn't work
I used to love vent up until today because yesterday (after the update) and still today the app won't let me sign in or sign up again. I really wished it worked again.
Galbatorix182 on Oct 14, 2015 for Vent
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Shm1234556 on Oct 14, 2015 for Follower Plus
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Fix it!!!
I listen to a radio station called KROQ every morning and each time I do the app always ask me to switch to a lower connection and if I don't, it crashes. Who wants to listen to a lower connection? Crashes Crashes!!! Also, fix THE ALARM CLOCK!!!! It doesn't turn on. I was late for work because it doesn't work.
HanSolo003 on Oct 13, 2015 for
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The angry stick 3
Pretty awesome game
Stck ahhhhhh on Oct 13, 2015 for AngerOfStick3
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Like it but having crashing issues.
ive wanted to try to put together a remix in this app for a long time but whenever i try to upload a track from my itunes library the app just crashes :/ anyone else have this issue? Revision: regardless of what i do I cannot upload songs to soundcloud. Seriously considering dropping this daw for so thing more reliable. Thought v4 was comin out but seems like bs.
RaymondJ22 on Oct 13, 2015 for FL Studio Mobile HD
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Does more than you think
This app is amazing, it lets you customize how you wake up. There are many great alarm sound and it will even give a challenge to help you get up, for example to turn off the alarm you might have to solve a math problem or walk a few steps. All in all this is the best alarm app around.
Latorman on Oct 13, 2015 for Alarmr Pro
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It's one of the best radio for sleep!
I use this app everynight. It's does need wifi to work. Love it!
Susiepg on Oct 13, 2015 for Relax Radio
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Tks verymuch!
iamggggs on Oct 13, 2015 for Miu Ptt
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That's banking
Tangerine was one of the first banks in canada that accepts cheques with this app! I love it. The app saves me a lot of time.
NikTv on Oct 13, 2015 for Tangerine Mobile Banking
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Que comece a zuera
Mta zuera
Zuerao on Oct 13, 2015 for Translator Women's Voice
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