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Lousy interface. Uninspired design. Don't bother with this one until they redesign it.
MINTY283 on Aug 12, 2008 for Word Jungle
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Nice, needs work
Just like many other games purchased from the app store, it needs some work. I've heard it said before by many other reviewers, that with initial releases, we sometimes feel like we're beta testers who are paying for the right to test a game. Fortunately, this one hasn't crashed on me. The game has a decent interface, and a somewhat interesting take on puzzles, combining Tetris with numbers. My main gripe, small as it is, is the fact that the signal bar, and time remain at the top when playing, a visual distraction. I think the developers tried hard to put this title together. I just wish that these small issues were ironed out before releasing a game. A game should be top-notch out of the gate, and updates are meant to add extra goodies that we, perhaps, weren't expecting, but aren't necessarily needed to effectively enjoy the game from the start. Does anyone else agree?!!
slimtrimkid on Aug 11, 2008 for Quaddraxx
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Great simplicity
A great design, allowing you to use the level at any angle you want. The graphics are terrific, looking like an old level that a seasoned carpenter or mariner would have. Look forward to working with it more!!!
Spinnin' Wheeler on Aug 9, 2008 for Bubble Level
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The new version is a LOT better (for instance, this time it actually stayed on my phone :]...)but I wouldlike to request even more speed...
Unholy Rapture on Aug 8, 2008 for Space Wormy
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an ok app
It does seems bland compare to the other 2 competitions, but come to think about it .... the original fortune cookie design (real cookies) never change through all these years and we don't see them decorated with extra tinsels or make funny noise like some greeting cards, people still chuckle over those "fortunes" after their meals. My point is some "idea" doesn't necessary need a make-over if the design allows it to get closer to the original "real" thing; i prefer this one a bit more because the others seems got a little bit carried away, then again it is just me.
fidoLTE on Aug 8, 2008 for iFortune
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Perfect for my Vegas trip this weekend!
Saves me from buying one of those cards that I always lose.
Brian1130 on Aug 5, 2008 for Blackjack Strategy Cards
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genius for the visually inclined
different people perceive, process and recall information in different ways; some do better with strings of characters (I guess) while others find graphics easier to deal with. if you're of the first type you probably won't see any value in this app (and will give it a sarcastic one-star review), but if you're of the second type, the value of this app will be clear right away. for the first type of person this app complicates things unnecessarily; for the second type it simplifies them dramatically. if the colors and positions of the tiles you're looking for are things you have to stop and think about individually in order to find your numbers, this app isn't going to be anything but a hindrance for you; if, however, the developer's description makes his PINs immediately clear to you in one glance at the screenshot, this is your utility.
plaintiger on Aug 4, 2008 for Pin
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It's just ok for me
Needs a high score table, better instructions (for people who haven't played this type of 21 before), and sound effects. If I go over 21 in a lane, that should cost me some points, right now there is no downside to busting. Also once in a while a "BlackJack Attack" pops up, but I'm not sure why or what that means. Also, the game starts playing (clock starts running) as soon as you load it...maybe a "start" button? Other than that, it's a good start.
OddyOh on Aug 3, 2008 for got21
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Not bad for the first version
Unlike many others here, I did actually buy this program and I do have Chalkboard. I like Chalkboard for functions, but this program is much less cumbersome to use for simple calculations. First of all, this is nothing like the native Calc program. It is a non-RPN, expression based calculator, which really is the biggest draw and makes it different than most other calculators available to iPhone. It supports the use of 'e' as 'X 10^' which is also useful. It's interface and look could use some improvement. It would also be nice if it kept a ticker of previous results. But overall, it works for what it is supposed to do, expression based calculation! I would give it a 4, but am giving it a five because of all the unnecessarily harsh critics before.
Rigomortis on Aug 1, 2008 for Calc Pro Calculator
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Crashes everytime on startup
Tried downloading twice, both times the app crashes as soon as the window appears
led1002 on Jul 30, 2008 for Meal Splitter
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