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Eff? This one allows seperate selection of upper and/or lower case letters (and numbers, etc.) to be included, as well as single or one of several choices of multiple passwords per run... (it would be nice to have the choice of ANY number in between, or at least between 1 and 25 or so....) Also, the bright green arrow and instructions shown at startup are probably not needed... at least not after the first run... The "Generate" button in the center seems to be self-explanatory. But now I see the options for the password have been moved to the global settings area... Seems to me it made much more sense to access them from within the app, as before the update, but the price was right, and this one seems to be the app I like best for generating passwords, so 4 stars for starters...
Mr. Zyler on Sep 6, 2008 for PwGen Password Generator
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Adults have more fun with it than the kids...
My granddaughter is either afraid of it or it is too simple for her because everytime I put the Cow on, she hands my iPhone back to me. She is nearly 2 and loves the other sound games and programs. This one does nothing for her.
Gilsbebe on Sep 4, 2008 for Hello Cow
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Good are some suggestions
Love the idea..very useful, but here are some ideas for future releases: Look at a program like "Whatsup Gold" and checkout their method for adding servers and equipment. They have a dropdown of equipment type, with icons , for easy recognition (eg - server, workstation, SQL, router, solaris, etc). They also have icon recognition for each. Allow for arranging or re-arranging of list. The list can get out of control pretty quick. Allow grouping under headers for qucker lookups. Also, Add a search for long lists...Great start. Can't wait for future updates.
JC User on Sep 4, 2008 for Server Database
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Too expensive for what you get
The interface is too bland and if you answer a question, it just moves to the next question. It doesn't even give you the correct answer before moving you to the next question. You can go back to the previous question, but that is tedious for this kind of app. The graphics are HORRIBLE because there are none and it is WAY over-priced for what you're getting. Mr. Trivia Lite is a MUCH better FREE app. There are not as many questions with Mr. Trivia Lite, but it's free and far more interactive.
lisa.sorensen on Aug 29, 2008 for Trivia for The Factual Intellectual
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So confusing where are the instructions at and what's with the $20 price tag just got it for free
Bristal44 on Aug 29, 2008 for Tables
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Expected a comic received 4 pages.
99 cents is not major money but this app is not clear on what we are receiving.
pifas on Aug 28, 2008 for Survivors
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Ugly little game.
There's something very peculiar with the graphics of this game. They chose a font for much of the lettering which is off white with a red surround, this gives the impression that it's permanently blurred and out of focus -makes it very uncomfortable to look at. The face cards too seem blurred. Meanwhile it all seems to take place under a grey light - like on a dark cloudy day. Just can't get into the game because it's just so painful to look at ! There are much better card games to be had here in the App Store.
TelesphoreT on Aug 26, 2008 for iKings
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An excellent little utility
This is a neat application that allows you to implement two variable equations. A small but usable set of functions are defined and application includes a great set of example equations. I would recommend a look at the website as it is easy to read and will quickly get you started. When creating your equations, remember to define the X variable as the one that will be most likely changed on repetitive runs.
Suskitech on Aug 26, 2008 for QuickEquation
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Pretty fun
Good: I like the overall concept of the game, and I really like the fact that you can see the definitions for some of the more obscure words that you didn't think of. Bad: It needs to recognize plurals better and different tenses better. Also, it would be nice if there was a button to submit your word before the timer was up if you don't want to wait for it to finish. Needs more dictionaries - words like "Glamor" and "Sunny" are pretty common, but were rejected. Overall, I think this game is pretty fun and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of word games. And unlike other games, since you can see the definition of the words you could conceivably expand your vocabulary upon repeated use. It just needs a few adjustments.
SubtleKnife on Aug 23, 2008 for Word Game
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Great RPN Calculator
This is a very capable and in my view the best RPN calc available on the iPhone, you can see more on the stack than any other on offer and the keyboard layout is just right. Having used a HP48 for years this is a great substitute, it would be great if EMU48 was ported to the iPhone but until then this is great. I would like to see a different icon though.
IsThisNicknameTaken on Aug 22, 2008 for TouchRPN
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