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Great, It is such a pleasure to see this app you have no idea. The question of "How Far Is the Horizon" has been my favorite quiz question for many folks, for many years. Nobody has any clue, I have not had a correct answer yet. People seem to think there is no end to Horizon.... This app is a very intelligent concept, simple yet very practical tool for boaters and sailers, as well as for curious minds. THANK YOU for creating this app. Big Gabig
Big GABIG on Sep 16, 2008 for horEYEzon
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Good, but a couple of fixes needed
Two fixes that would benefit this app are 1) less sensitive color bands. Perhaps a scroll list (drop-down) as 1 reviewer mentioned. Also, 2) make the colors solid. The graphic in the background is nice, but with the translucent color bands, can be a bit detracting. Overall, though, very useful.
Lou2of2 on Sep 13, 2008 for iResistors
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A german dictionary without noun gender articles: useless!
If you are looking for a serious german-italian dictionary don't pick this one. There are no gender articles (der, die, das) before the nouns translated in German. I trow away my money... don't follow me!
fedec65 on Sep 12, 2008 for German <-> Italian Slovoed Compact
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Not for use by idiots
This app is perfect!! If you are any kind of mechanic, you know a Tapley meter costs about $1800. I compared this app against out Tapley meter on an actual road test in Cincinnati, and the outcome was within 2% on three different brake tests. This app isn't designed for tree hugging VW drivers who take there car to a shop and pay 5 times what the repair should cost, this app is designed for the mechanically inclined.
EMT/Mechanic on Sep 12, 2008 for iBrake
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Great! Love the Ambient Genre!
Doesn't crash like other ppl are saying. Selection is more limited than pandora, but it is limited because it is Swiss! Great Job!
mrcarson2 on Sep 11, 2008 for Mobile
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High class video poker! Nice sound, design and animation. I have crashed 2 times using it, but I have played a lot. I would like to see a different sound (or music) when I win big.
Rodin2008 on Sep 11, 2008 for Jacks or Better Basic
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I couldn't stop laughing too...
Kari42 on Sep 11, 2008 for TickleButton
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I bought this app
very useful but needs bidirectional replication
tschurbess on Sep 10, 2008 for Task Manager
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Almost Perfect
Does what it says, and wonderfully. There's no way to manage or delete your search engines, however. Would have been 5 stars if not for that fact!
Josh Helfferich on Sep 8, 2008 for iSearch
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Pegjump is free!!!
Pegjump is free and better overall. Plus this is unresponsive half the time.
Twigg313 on Sep 8, 2008 for iVita
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