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A great app in the teaching hospital
I purchased this app a number of months ago and have found that I use it personally in the hospital on a daily basis. It's so useful that I recommend it for all my house staff. I'll even buy it for them if they show me the app on their mobile device. We use it on rounds as well as more didactic teaching sessions. It's simply a great teaching tool. No longer do we have to send one of the house staff off to look for an article. It's immediately at hand. And no more half-baked ideas about inclusion/exclusion criteria or outcomes. The reviews of trials are complete and unbiased. More recently I talked to the App developers about two trials of sepsis not on the app. Within weeks both trials were there for our use. I was pretty impressed with the responsiveness of the developers. Keep up the good work. All in all a great app for myself and my housestaff. Iain Mackie M.D. FRCPC, University of British Colombia.
idm on Oct 14, 2015 for Journal Club
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Me again
Ok, I just noticed that some ppl actually still rated 5 stars even though they obviously wanted to rate like 4 or three... I just think that if a game makes u rate 5 stars, just rate it one star then delete it. Don't let the game get the best of u👎🏽✌🏽️
Merpeepsrule on Oct 14, 2015 for Do I Look Like My Parent
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5 stars
Loves it me son . Great for those newfies who r away .
Newfieiam on Oct 14, 2015 for Back2daRock
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It's cool
Could use work but overall good
Jonnnnnnny123456 on Oct 14, 2015 for My Cloud Music
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clunky and inconsistent
interface is pretty clunky once You in a section there is no back function You need to close the app and re open it to to access the other section. i also subscribed for a year but since only one issue came out and you have no access to back issues i could have saved the money and bought that one magazine for 4 dollar
keilo2000 on Oct 14, 2015 for FOUR
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I very good app but need more languages like Vietnam ...
1233 catfih on Oct 14, 2015 for Voice Translator Free
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Best app EVER!!
Step by step drawings. Wish they had more tokidoki and Sanrio characters.
Vbenz1 on Oct 14, 2015 for Learn How to Draw for Tokidoki
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App is broken
The app keeps freezing and crashing please patch
Tbrds on Oct 14, 2015 for MindShift
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Decent game, interest characters and storyline. Code : rhh2214
Doumekifan on Oct 14, 2015 for PsychiXX ~Mystic Love~
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Wot tank
Can only give 2 stars, match making is worst of any game I have played. They don't match similar guns, armor and speed, at times making it impossible. They match you with tanks faster, and can't penetrate. No way to win.
Wolverine ak on Oct 14, 2015 for World of Tanks Blitz
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