iMuscle 2: Almost there Review

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Almost there
The app icon and in app graphics need to be updated to retina display....
Andydabeast on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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Great app!!! Love it but... Why does it seem like it doesn't fit my screen like when I try to scroll through the exercises????
Kormine on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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Great application
For the users that stress the workouts are repetitive for different muscles should know that it is not a flaw in design. Certain workouts use multiple muscles. And if you are an "experienced" exerciser than why are you buying a workout app in the first place? I think this app is absolutely amazing and so intuitive and innovative! It is actually education for those who are not familiar with the body and a helpful took to those who are. This is the kind of apps that I expect to be made for iPhone. Great job creators!
Bwellman on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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Retina icon please
I'm having white iPhone 4. It has really ugly low resolution icon :(
CFA_BJWH on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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Love it! Even gifted it to a friend!!
itzjusme on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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Okay, so this is only my first impression of it, and I haven't spent too much time utilizing the app yet, but there is an amazing amount of content here. There are a few issues that became immediately apparent that I want to express in hopes of them being altered in future updates. This might sound like a lot of complaints, but I'm definitely going to keep using it- there is a Whole Lot more they did well than the few errors/oddities I'm mentioning below, so consider this review as nothing more than a bug test. 1. There is no female model. All the musculature that is so amazingly detailed is male only. I wish there'd be a way to switch in the preferences pane, and perhaps this is a conscious choice due to app size (I'm not really sure how different our muscle systems are, but I'm under the impression there are more than a few differences.) 2. Rotation Control a. Rotating the model happens rather quickly, presumably in order to "snap" to certain viewpoints the developers wanted. More fluid control of the model would be preferable, and at the very least, the sensitivity needs to be turned down. b. There is no vertical rotation. c. There is no rotation when viewing an exercise animation (if it isn't a live animation and is instead a short movie, this is unfixable). 3. Pinch/zoom is inconsistent. a. Once zoomed in on a part of a body to see pins in the muscles, you cannot simply pinch/zoom out. You have to hit the upper righthand button to see the full body again or use the quick navigation. This is a surprisingly big disruption in user experience. b. When viewing an exercise, it told me that I could pinch/zoom, but this only sufficed in making the exercise full screen (removing the top and bottom bars) with no adjustment to the size of the actual model. 4. No landscape support, which is odd, especially while trying to watch the intro video- you end up watching an iPhone's screen that's about 1/4th as big as your own. 5. The name of the app on the iOS home screen doesn't simply display as iMuscle. Instead it throws in an ellipses, presumably because they named it iMuscle - iPhone. "iMusc...hone" is what I see. 6. The icon isn't made for retina devices, so it's kind of blurry. The entire app probably isn't, now that I think about it, but it looks good enough to not be a big concern- although more detail is always appreciated. At the very least, the icon should be updated. 7. I also can't get the Superior or Inferior buttons in Quick Navigation to do anything for me. Clicking on them does nothing at the moment... maybe it's some kind of quirk depending on what part of the body you are currently zoomed in on.
emerazea on Jun 18, 2011 for iMuscle 2
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