iJezzball: Great, neverending game... oh, Jezzball... Review

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Great, neverending game... oh, Jezzball...
I was delighted to find Jezzball available for the iphone. I haven't seen it since I had it on my Windows 95! Before I bought it, I read the reviews. I agree, the lines do go alot slower, but I like it. It makes it more challenging, and you have to take your time and really plan your timing. I read that some people found it extremely difficult, and I think it's because they are unaware you can hold your finger down and let go at the perfect time to let the two 'bullets' go, so the beach balls won't run into them. It's also important to know you can direct whether you want the red/blue lines to go horizontally or vertically, by indicating which direction with your finger. Hold your finger down and wait until the beachballs are going away from where your intended line is, and you won't be so hateful of the game :) I've made it to level 7, with 8 balls, and just baaarely lost. I was so mad! I'm constantly trying to beat my high scores. Overall, I give it 5 stars, for taking a classic game and making it more challenging. The only gripe- I wish there were online high score boards, with real people instead of the obnoxious bogus names that come as default high scores.
kateamazonian on Aug 10, 2008 for iJezzball
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Nice app, but...
...the wall-building lines go too slow! Makes it harder than it should be, and I have been a professional jezzball player for years!
Gekkota on Aug 4, 2008 for iJezzball
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For about the first 5 minutes I was frustrated learning how to play, but seriously once you start you can not put the game down. I've gotten all my friends hooked on it too. Just buy it, it's more than well worth the $4! Jezzball is the best application to come out thus far.
MIGHTYmanders on Aug 4, 2008 for iJezzball
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Now its working like the Jezzball I remember, even better cause its now handheld !
amuenp on Aug 4, 2008 for iJezzball
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Worth the money
This is the first app. I've payed for and I'm glad I chose this one. Everything runs very smoothly and it still has the same feel as the original. I haven't played a whole lot but it's already proven to be an addicting and fun game. The only cons are the sound effects and the background images. The sound effects can get a little annoying after a while and I think it would have been better to leave the space backgrounds out completely. Still though, iJezzball is definately worth the money.
GoaTcheeZe on Jul 20, 2008 for iJezzball
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Buy this!!
[Content: 9/10] It's Jezzball. The amount of content is very good and even though 20 levels may not sound like a lot, I give props to anybody who can beat all 20 without running out of lives. [Graphics: 10/10] No problems here. Framerate never drops and the animations are fluid and nice looking. [Presentation: 7/10] One of my problems with this is the backgrounds. Why they may be pretty and sharp, not all of us are into outer-space. Score could be improved if there was an option to turn off backgrounds and use the classic gray block background. [Features: 6/10] This doesn't exactly hurt the game at all, because of the fact that it's a simple game, but to give this an honest score it can't be a high one. It features a local high scores list, and then the game itself. Not much there but it gets the job done. [Lasting Appeal: 10/10] If you enjoyed the game like I did, you will have no problem keeping this game active for a long time, there are 20 levels and since there is no level select, you must beat them all in one go-through. [Overall Rating: 9/10]
elpanqueque on Jul 20, 2008 for iJezzball
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