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Great app
This is a great App where I can store PDF files as well as read books!
Sistermarymargaret on Oct 17, 2013 for version 2.13.2
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Book collection organizing made easy
Great app! Easy to use, fast, and beyond useful! I love it!
SirMaverick on Oct 16, 2013 for version 2.13.2
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Great for those with an aggressive book wish list
Easy to use and intuitive interface. I like the app, period. Recommend it...thanks ibookshelf!
Lexbrook on Nov 10, 2011 for version 2.11.2
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I was looking for an application that I could use to scan my personal library with my iPhone 3. It does a pretty good job and has the fields that are important to me. The scanning works pretty good, better than some of the other applications I test drived befor purchasing the full version of this app.
skunk_box on Aug 31, 2011 for version 2.11.1
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Great App!!
This is a really great app because if you have a book at home you can just scan the barcode wityhout buying the book! But if you are like me I do not have wifi at my house which you need it when you scan the barcode! Over all this app is great and free and it all ready has some books on it!I would really incurage people to buy this app!!
InlovewithBieber!! on Jun 13, 2011 for version 2.10.2
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Absolutly Perfect
This program is great, and works well with my large inventory of books this app has saved me a time or two of rebuying the same book over, or loosing my book when loaning it to a friend. I'm definatly buying the full version when funds become avalable! The other apps claim that they are better, but this one doesn't have that load time issue of timing out, or crashing. And if it does the creator is friendly and efficent at repairing the issue quickly. I wouldnt go anywhere else!
DelilahLane on Jun 9, 2011 for version 2.10.2
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Great support
Cloud coding is tough. Any point in the chain can break it. These guys not only link diverse stuff, they keep it working. So you get covers, recommendations, Any hiccup and they are right out with a fix. Everyone else just sits there broken, or has less functions. They are always adding stuff. Great job.
Silver333 on Jun 9, 2011 for version 2.10.1
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Great way to store my reads!!!!!
This was so easy to use it was refreshing!!! I do have an ongoing booklist I share with three other friends. I wish there was a way we could all buy the app but have a login of sorts so we could all contribute to our list of reads for our bookclub!!?? That way if suzy adds a book then next time mary opens the app and logins in with our shared password THERE IT IS the book suzy added. Thanks for a SUPERB app as it stands though. Going to go buy the full version. (by the way those 3 books are just examples people. Swipe to delete and click new to add your own. If you use the "find" button it goes out and gets your info for you) play with it awhile.
MominNeed on May 28, 2011 for version 2.10.1
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I love this app I have so many books on it. Please download it!!!!!!!
Kaekae3 on Mar 9, 2011 for version 2.9.2
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Looking forward to having a record of books I've read
I'm a big library user, but have a fair amount if difficulty remembering the titles/authors is beyond me. I feel stupid trying to tell people about this fabulous book I've read! I'm loving my record if books I've read. The only downside so far is that the app doesn't remind you to save. So I can add all the details of a book, and unless I remember to hit the little "save" button before going back to the main screen I lose it all. I'd also like some date order, so I could see when I'd read books. I will be buying the paid version.
Eighty Katie on Dec 27, 2010 for version 2.8.1
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