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Please Fix This
I recently updated to iOS 7.1 a couple months ago and iBooks update is horrible most importantly they took out the rotating feature. And I've had to re download some of my PDFs because some if them just disappeared one day. I can't stand that I have to go to iBooks to download files online if I leave while it's downloading it won't work. Please fix these problems.
Lotusgirly13 on Aug 20, 2015 for version 3.2
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The iBooks app will not download. It says I've already purchased it so I won't be charged money but it's a free app to download and after that message it just stops downloading. It won't even start to download. Help pls
Katrinnnaa on Aug 19, 2015 for version 3.2
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This app is horrendous. If it has the ability to save books via iCloud, then why will it not do the same for PDFs? Horrible. During the ios8 update, my iPad randomly disabled itself and then the only option left was to system restore. Crappy update made me lose almost everything. Lost plenty of important documents. -5 stars. Sorry but this app is only if you want books, clearly the developers of this app should have eliminated the PDF section ENTIRELY or provide more insight on it. Horrible!
Rockttiger on Aug 17, 2015 for version 3.2
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The ibooks store isn't working! How am I supposed to get new books? Whenever I click on the store it's just blank white. Fix it please!
😜☀️😜😜☀️😜😜🙆 on Aug 6, 2015 for version 3.2
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I love inooks but hate the white. Needs to be back the way it was. Y'all making it where no one likes it anymore
shortstuff6615 on Jul 30, 2015 for version 3.2
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Bring Back Skeuomorphism as in app purchase
Apple let people who prefer the look and feel of reading a book have the Classic look back. I would pay to have it restored. The current look is ugly, cold, sterile, but most of all just not fun to read. The new version is just a sad Kindle knock-off. Now there really isn't any difference betweend the reading experience on the IBOOKS and that on any of the other tablet ereaders. Too bad. I used to enjoy buying and reading books exclusively on the IPAD. Now, I will look at Kindle books, which are offers a much wider inventory of books. dd
Pxveri on Jul 28, 2015 for version 3.2
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Multiplying bug!?
I had finished my book and wanted to delete it cause it had no purpose. When I did it was still there?! So kept trying to delete it but it wouldn't work. I thought whatever. The next time I went on iBook the was 10 COPIES of that book. No matter hard I try to delete it, it won't!! I really love this app and I really want you people to fix it. This is really bugging me and I can't read!!!!
snklsy on Jul 27, 2015 for version 3.2
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The books don't load properly, the app is very slow and the ibook store loads very slowly.
Katerox236 on Jul 7, 2015 for version 3.2
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I absolutely hate this app. I have a lot of books, but the little circle is always spinning, so I can't even get to the edit button to delete them. It takes at least 30 minutes to download my books. They always show up on my phone, but it takes forever on my iPad. The little cloud button with the arrow always shows up, and it have to constantly press it before the book will download. I've had to resort to using the Nook and Kindle apps, because this has so many problems. I wish they would fix it, because I really like the setup of iBooks.
klh0028 on Jun 29, 2015 for version 3.2
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It won't
The app will not let me download and I have tried multiple times. This it terrible.😡😵😭😨😫😷
REALY Sexy girl on Jun 22, 2015 for version 3.2
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