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Fullscreen works now!!
Gary 500 on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Looks awful
Thanks for uglifying iBooks. The icon is pretty ugly, but what bugs me is the new on-page interface. Bigger clunkier text and font. Elegance replaced by blunt lines and shapes. I used to be able to suspend disbelief and feel I was reading real paper. Thanks. God forbid we'd have the option to choose our interface. Call it classic or something. Hmmm... Crotchety old man here, blah blah, but feels like the whole ios 7 "look" change is a case of new for the sake of new, not because it's actually better. Blah.
Sarcastaball on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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New look is terrible. Looks more and more like a regular PC. I always thought you folks were cutting edge, but I think your edge is getting dull. Or is all this white crap just a tribute to Jobs, whose favorite color was white. Why not give us a preview so we can decide about upgrading. Nothing exciting about this. I like the old version better. Can't even see titles of PDF without opening them. My next hand held will be a PC tablet. Yuck to this. Change just for the sake of change is a disaster. Just look at our government.
gawoodturner on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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What the heck
Most of my books are missing!! Not happy
rvdillon on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Why I can't read my book
ikassandrau on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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Hate the new look
The new bookshelf matches the rest of iOS 7. And i hate it. I know there are countless people who would prefer to have the look of the wood shelves, maybe if enough people complain this can be made customizable, so you can choose between looks? The pages themselves look different as well, although I can't quite put my finger on whats wrong with them. They look very flat, maybe the old ones had texture? I'm not quite sure. I also preferred the old look of highlighting, it looked more realistic, now it just has the fake look of computer highlighting. This update has effectively annihilated everything that made me enjoy using iBooks. I have a feeling I'm going to be reading a lot more paper books from now on.
Rose Wolfe on Nov 14, 2013 for iBooks
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