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This service is just okay
Locatour on Nov 28, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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A must have App
Used once and have several projects in the works. I highly recommend this app.
Ecubeta on Nov 21, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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Used once, great results. Will use again.
Found a painter, asked to be contacted. Got a call the next morning. He came to do an estimate that afternoon. Fair price, arrived on time, used quality materials, completed job on time. Great experience.
Gcebooks on Nov 12, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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Not useful
Looked up electricians in my city, but every number I called (and I called around six different numbers) connected to the same automated message which asked me to hold then promptly disconnected me.
Ama66 on Nov 8, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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Home advisor application
Great service!!! I use it for everything and have gotten good contractors from it. I love the app!
Lorrilee on Nov 6, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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Very Useful & Handy...
almost as if you're accessing their website. We recently moved into another home, and this app. has been great at least 3 times now for some services we either needed done right away or were seeking at the time. We've had great success with them as ServiceMagic and now as HomeAdvisor. Their highly recommended vendors have all worked well for us. Would give 5-stars if you could add Notes like on the website about what you're specifically looking for on your initial submission, rather than waiting to hear back from or contact a listed vendor on a general topic.
balijude on Nov 1, 2012 for HomeAdvisor
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