GraalOnline Classic: Pros+ Cons of this game Review

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Pros+ Cons of this game
For the most part, this game is pretty good. It's a mix of some of my favorite things: Zelda and other Pc servers. You can 1. Make and talk with friends online 2. submit your artwork to be uploaded ingame(new feature) 3. Create a guild and raid towers 4. Host personal events, such as hide and seek ^ Those were the pros to this game. Cons: 1. Horrid lag. whenever I see 60+ people at one time, my character looks like it's moving is syrup, 2. Creppy Players: Players who expose temselves for $ or talk about sex. DEFINATELY NOT 4+ rating. 3. Sucky staff. Ever since this noob called NYN got hired, game quality slipped. And for those of you who don't know, Xor( the manager) is a PWA(playerwold admin)- meaning hes staff on any server. Better not talk negatively about him, unless you wanna get banned forever. And out of the 34 staff, 20 are GP(showoff noobs) who horde attention. Some do their jobs, though. 4. The hacking and glitching; I gotta say, it takes skill to hack a computer server from an apple device. But its not getting stopped. Neither are the glitters. 5. Pricing of stuff: FUN FACT: Most the hats/ bodies sold are stolen from other major servers, such as the well- known Zodiac server. Xor was once staff there, so he has permission to do so. But to profit from it? unacceptable. and Stefan isn't doing much to monitor his most- known server. Overall, this game is worth playing, if you can resist this hat and body. Spend wisely, and don't harass players. -2klb
Negatonnok on Nov 20, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Graal is one of the best games for iPod ,iPhone ,iPad and more! Not good at video games it's okay because Graal is a fun game were you can talk to people online and join guilds .You can create you your own character and meet other Graalians ,so why not is a very fun game to play and easy to play even kids can play
Directioner Ana on Nov 17, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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I'm sad to say this....
I have been playing graal for around four years now, and I'm really sad to say this graal.... This graal right here is horrible. I remember when I was trying to leave my iPod on all night just to hit 100 hours.... Back when there was only a handful of Perverts and jerks... But now... It's really just sad. The admins are unfair, and will ban you for expressing freedom of speech. (Banned for 2 months for supporting gay rights?... Really admins??) 99% of items are way overpriced, you can't really leave the "safe-zones" unless you want to be spawn killed, everyone's trying to scam or just spam everyone into more lag, and honestly that's why most players who have been with graal for even 2 or more years (or barely even one for that matter) have quit. They have had enough of it. I used to sit in school and think about the fun stuff I was gonna do on graal when I got home. Pssht... Graal was a great game, a game like none I had ever seen before on a tablet/phone/iPod but now, it's all gone to hell, and I have lost my respect for this game. I only give it three stars for the opportunity to develop the bonds and friendships with people from different corners of the globe, and for fond memories of summer days and winter nights playing graal online
hehe its keke on Nov 9, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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I hate it dont get it
I hate it dont get it
CQB hawk eye on Nov 6, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Love this
I love this game so much it is the best game on iPad I think and if u do not have this game u should get it it's free and it's so fun
Bbiopj on Nov 3, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Really fun
The only problem? Stop kicking me from a guild every time I close the app >:(
iMarioPlayer on Oct 31, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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