GraalOnline Classic: An interesting game. It will ruin your life though. Review

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An interesting game. It will ruin your life though.
Graal is by far one of the most social games I have ever played. There are other MMOs even on PC I've played. But none come to the amount of variety in people and interesting characters in this game. As an *oldish* player I can say I've seen a lot in this game. The history of the admins and guilds can also have some sort of ring to it like in lord of the rings. Like remembering a long ago past(way way long ago) when admins were even more abusive. Although I particularly enjoyed guild wars(actual ones where people actually were involved and it felt personal). Of course today guild wars are non existent and towers are run by hat seekers and weak guilds. I've seen so many weak guilds with leaders who don't have any leadership skills, a mix of people with no loyalty to the guild. And mainly guilds are more commercialized. They used to be like kingdoms and very fond memories and friends could be made. Another interesting thing about this game is the people. Many graalians have this similarity I can't describe in words, perhaps it stems from loneliness. Graalians seem to be trying to find a purpose for the game and maybe even life in general. Loads of lonely people on this game. Ranging from perverts looking for online *sexual* contact. To the lonely girls(and some guys) who are usually persuaded into showing their private body parts online to strangers(usually by perverted friends). Yet still graal makes you stay. You walk around randomly meeting people perhaps sometimes even finding someone you have a real connection with(yes online dating is quite possible. People stream their emotions into words. Sometimes I think graalian are like poets trying to express their emotions through sounds of the words) but still there are the admins who are usually compared to tyrants. Today many admins are much fairer and much more open to ideas(few exceptions sadly) although graal should definitely be shut down because I'm sure they've broken copyright laws or did some BS.(seriously considering how poorly made and conceived this game is and the staff I wonder if people would ever sue) many reviewers here point out this game is addictive. It is addictive because the phone is easy to use and you can escape real life into a new world and make new friends who you will never forget. But beware this game is TERRIBLE. It is boring, a waste of time. Go and do something productive! Make real friends, not online ones you probably will never meet. Go and play a different game idk. STAY AWAY
Bob Jove on Jan 7, 2013 for GraalOnline Classic
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This is the best game ever
Cassidy!!!!!!! on Jan 6, 2013 for GraalOnline Classic
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This Game....
Don't listen to all the bad reviews!!! This game is the best! The only game on the App Store that gives u the freedom to do want ever u want! And with REAL PLAYERS!!!! U can get married, adopt kids. And with money u can make ur own house! Or buy a guild house and invite ppl for parties!! U can join tower taking guilds and take towers! Once u get enough hours u get SUPER SPECIAL PRIZES!!!!!!! Or join a School Guild and Have classes and live in Dorms! There is also Modeling Guilds where u do fashion shows! There is updates all the time! U don't even need to go to the AppStore to update it! It updates its self! In the menu u can use ur iTunes money and buy money for the game! And check the news everyday and see what's new! U can buy toys, mounts, bombs and tools and much much more!! Do the Pyrat Quest for a quick 1000 Gralats (Graal Money) everyday! Catch bugs and give them to the Witch in Swamp Town for some quick money! At Christmas time buy gifts for friends and on Christmas Day open them for extra rare items!!! Celebrate every holiday with ur Graal Friends! Upload Custom Heads and Bodies from Graaldepot.com and stand out! More then 2000 ppl play this game. This game is a great way to spend ur time. From Dating to Guild this game has it all! I give this game a full 5 Stars!! I love this game and I hope u will give it a try!!!!
Cynwri on Jan 5, 2013 for GraalOnline Classic
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getting called a noob, cussed at, and being followed around by pedos Is part of the game! learn to in joy it, and only then will you become a true Graal master. or Jedi, whatever comes first. :)
1232135636464664564645645586 on Dec 28, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Love the game!!!
The game is really addicting but it is not really fun if u r a noob so I would recommend buying a head and body for 20,000 for heads and 10,000 for bodies. I have a guild Stellar Modeling Agency and my name Stella you can pm me any time if u have any questions just say I read your review on iTunes. You can also play on Facebook and get free gralets for doing reviews and stuff so thanks for reading <3 Stella
chocolatemacho on Dec 25, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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Can anyone please gift me a gift :( my username is Sthephany09 .. Thank you
Sthephany09 on Dec 22, 2012 for GraalOnline Classic
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