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Godaddy mobile app
Great love it! I am able to check in on all things related to my small business.
Kirakally321 on Aug 17, 2015 for version 5.93
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This app is so great, I can access my mail with no issues! Settings could offer more options, but it is what it is and does what it is meant to do, access webmail! My advice, download and use it! By the way Go Daddy offers a great site for Domain Names Too! I Love Go Daddy...
Go Daddy Domain User on Aug 11, 2015 for version 5.93
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It's ok
Overall godaddy is an ok setup just having issues with overall notifications I never know when I've received an email until I actually click on the app to open. So having to check it frequently everyday.
Dirttrackchick14 on Jul 16, 2015 for version 5.93
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Web Site Experience
Actually the process was exceptionally easy from start to finish, I was amazed that I could create a site that could actually be used for sales / revenue in one day. I know that my site is very amateur looking, but to actually get it up and running in a day was pretty amazing.
JamesAMason on Jul 14, 2015 for version 5.93
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LadiesChris on Jul 4, 2015 for version 5.92
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Yay! It finally works!
It was SO frustrating when I installed the first update and the whole app became useless. But, it seems Go Daddy has fixed everything up, and all is right with the world again. I've installed all the updates and I dare say the app works beautifully now. No more signing into my account every. single. time. Arg. It works now - keeps me signed in. Also it doesn't bug up when I try to "reply all" to an email, which it was doing in the old version before the whole update fiasco. So I think I would say this app finally is improved since the older buggy-but-still-useable version.
VenessaL47 on Jun 28, 2015 for version 5.92
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Just starting using Go Daddy application, it's GREAT!!!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
EigNa' on Jun 11, 2015 for version 5.92
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Works great so far
This app has been working great. I had to unexpectedly resign in once in the past 24 hours, but otherwise it's been perfect. I've opened and closed it at least 30 - 40 times in the past day. The only thing I would like to see is a bigger contrast between the "read" and "unread" messages.
GeneSir on Jun 10, 2015 for version 5.92
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Spangler Imagery
Great App: Does all you would expect. Account Access, emails, blogs, etc. have never experienced any problems,.. Mobile version of email is very intuitive. Some have complained about 'refresh'; I have several email, and only I only allow my iCloud email to refresh, send alerts, etc. I personally don't want ALL my business so readily available at someone else's finger tips,.. I am not in such a hurry that I can not take a few seconds to sign in; and I am working twenty hours a day, most days,.. Busy, busy .. Busy! iPhone 3 (sorry, the one just before 4)/ OS 6.1.6 -P.S. : auto sign-in in the app works just fine,.. The problem may lie in multiple email accounts which are available if you purchase a site through Go-Daddy: not all are the same address, nor same sign in ID + Password. When opening app, it reveals a panel that shows 'All you own'.. Some have numerous accounts. So until an app is created that will allow all of these to be accessed at the same exact moment (which could be very resource intensive- on both ends), you just push indicator and that account is auto-signed.. Check mail. If this doesn't work for you, learn how to configure the email on your phone- it has multiple account settings, and takes a few minutes.. Don't piss, moan and cry- learn..
Spangler Imagery on Jun 6, 2015 for version 5.82
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Great Email Client for iOS devices
Until now you really needed a desk machine or laptop to access your mail domains. The web email program just did not work well on iOS Safari. This app does a great job with email and all other tasks that I've tried with it. Now I don't need to carry a laptop... just my iPhone and iPad! Lost one star because opening an attachment causes your return to login screen. About to lose another star since I'm sick of logging into the app every time I check mail...!
SonomaHM on Jun 3, 2015 for version 5.92
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