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Stagnant app missing basic features for years
I’ve wanted to love Glympse for a very long time, but have never been able to. The basic idea is fantastic, but their implementation leaves a lot to be desired. First, the location accuracy is poor, and the app doesn’t try to do anything to smooth it out (like locking to roads, the way Google Maps does), so it looks like the broadcaster is jumping into buildings and lakes and rooftops as they go. Second, if the broadcaster has double-backed, you just see a jumble of trail and can’t easily tell where they are. (This could easily be fixed if they just faded out the broadcaster’s trail, but they don’t.) Finally, Glympse’s support is pretty lackluster - their “feature request” board is locked, with many popular ideas that have gone unanswered for 3+ years. The app gives you the impression it was once the product of a vibrant startup, but is now collecting cobwebs.
antititus on Sep 7, 2015 for version 3.8
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I use this to send my husband a quick update on where I'm located. Handyif I'm running late.
Chw6009 on Sep 3, 2015 for version 3.8
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Can't iMessage off 4G iPad mini...
...no value until it can!
iPotential on Sep 1, 2015 for version 3.8
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I Was texting my husband who was out of town when I got a message that said I want to see your location, thinking it was my husband I clicked on the link ,downloaded the app and sent my location. Later when I spoke with him he said he never sent the link but I sent it to him! Thank god we trust each other, this creepy app could potentially cause marital problems.
TrudyTrick22 on Aug 20, 2015 for version 3.8
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4 hour max time limit too low
Traveling across state I would need about an 8 hour time limit. Pretty ridiculous that you're limited to only 4. Oh also this app always stops updating location.
Sumo sumo on Aug 12, 2015 for version 3.8
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Super useful
For anyone who hates having to update one or more people about ETA and location when all you're trying to do is concentrate on getting there. Not to mention that when you're meeting someone, nobody needs to guess when the best time for a location update is. Folks can anticipate arrival and leave to meet you when they're comfortable. Finally if someone arrives before you, it's all on them for once! -- 5 star feature: it could use an option for mode of transport. If my train followed the streets like it depicts, I will be very late... and very dead. Excellently executed and functioning app.
ToyerNYC on Aug 8, 2015 for version 3.8
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Love it but..
Sometimes it stops updating my location and recently it has been adding a 3rd uninvited "Glympse User" to view my location. Who is that? It makes me uneasy.
killrkaylee on Aug 5, 2015 for version 3.8
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Pretty good but...
The app has some great streamlined features. However, it makes the assumption that you are traveling by car. I was on a train that stopped frequently so in inaccurately chose a route and wasn't able to correctly say what time I would arrive. Needs an option for travel by other methods (hiking/walking/train/small plane,etc)
journeyfarm on Aug 3, 2015 for version 3.8
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Flying high
With GLYMPSE and GoGo!!!
Bimo on Jul 30, 2015 for version 3.8
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Great app!
I use this to let people know when I'm riding. I wish the time window was unlimited instead of 4 hours. It's easy enough to extend the time, but I have to remember and dig the phone out of my pack to do so - which wouldn't be possible if I was hurt and needing help. It also freezes and won't reset even if reopening the link. Fixing those issues would make it 5 stars. I love that the person getting the link doesn't need a smartphone or special app - don't lose that feature!
diane143 on Jul 28, 2015 for version 3.7
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