GL Golf: Great Game, Great Depth, but where is the 3rd click on the swing? Revie

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Great Game, Great Depth, but where is the 3rd click on the swing?
This game is great in so many ways, so i'll just creat a list of the pros and the few cons to help the potential buyers. Pros: Depth, Quality, Number of courses, Physics, Ability to save game, Ability to adjust game length, weather, etc...., Playability Cons: Only 1: You only get to choose how hard to swing and where. There is a double click to start the swing, and another click to choose how hard to hit, but there is no 3rd click to decide how accurate your swing was. Thus your landing position is only affected by where you aimed, the wind, and the power of your swing. I'm a big fan of computer golf games and I loved Links Golf and Tiger woods, both of which allowed a "3 click swing". This single change would make the game a little more difficult, but a lot more entertaining and give it more depth and longevity. Programmers: Please add an option for a 3 click swing. There should be a green line or area on the left side of the swing meter. Missing the "green" area after you've chosen your power by clicking too early would cause pull/draw, and clicking too late would do the same. Would this be possible??
sooner2k1 on Sep 30, 2008 for GL Golf
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Great Game
Been looking at par 72 golf for a while and I decided to wait for a better game. When gl golf came out I looked it up and was impressed by a gameplay vid. It is very fun and I can't put it down. A must for any golf fans although there are a few glitches it is great and worth the $$.
jlach61 on Sep 21, 2008 for GL Golf
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An Obscure Gem That Keeps Me Playing on My iPhone
This is casual golf on a mobile platform at its best. Yes, it has 3D flyovers of the courses. Yes, the default camera follows the ball as it flies through the air (just like Hotshots Golf on consoles). No, there are no cute large-headed animé characters. No, the 3D graphics aren't cutting edge, they're Playstation One-quality from the mid-90's. But those who pay attention to those types of criticism about GL Golf miss the point: this game isn't about the graphics, it's about the fun. It's stripped down, back to basics, pure unadulterated video game golf fun. The game mechanics are simple and classic: double-tap the screen to start the power meter, tap once to swing. Drag left or right to aim your shot. That's pretty much it. There are options to draw or fade, to put spin on the ball, but these aren't necessary for the casual duffer to have a satisfying round. Long after I've gotten sick of playing Cro-Mag Rally, Bugdom 2, Billy Frontier or Trism (fine games all, don't get me wrong), there's just something about GL Golf that keeps me coming back to it. It's the one game you'll feel like playing when you don't feel like playing anything. I defy you not to be tempted to move it to your iPhone's front page. I dinged it one star because the putting interface could use a little help sometimes, but it's certainly not a dealbreaker. If the dev could consider a simple option to overlay a grid on the putting green to determine which way the ground breaks, that would make this game perfect. Failing that, it's still very enjoyable indeed. Like Mouse About, this is another one of those obscure gems on the App store that make you feel warm and fuzzy when you find them. Highly recommended. Download now. Enough said.
g0nz on Sep 30, 2008 for GL Golf
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Great Game
I really like the way this game works. The graphics aren't as good as they could be, but I'm sure that can be improved on in a future version. It would be nice to see more courses added eventually and also different games such as a Skins version. All in all a nice effort. I of course was way over par the first time I played each course, but I'm improving with practice.
scubarider on Sep 27, 2008 for GL Golf
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Excellent and casually fun
A really solid game - easy to pick up but not too easy that it gets boring. Excellent array of options concerning courses, time of day, front 9, back 9, time of the season! Fun to play while waiting at the airport or something like that. Would very much like to have a scorekeeping feature though to keep track of progress.
btrivedi on Sep 25, 2008 for GL Golf
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fun gameplay, click yes if you agree with the suggestion
It looks like it might not be that much fun, but after buying it, I think its the best app in the itunes store. The graphics are pretty good, you can choose the clubs you want, and putting is very detailed with hills, so you have to aim the ball in the right direction and use the right speed. The power bar took a minute to get used to, but then worked really great. This game is definately worth the $8, and is probably the best golf game in the store. The only thing I would suggest, is to have computer players to play against. Other than that, great game!
the napsterr on Sep 24, 2008 for GL Golf
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