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The classics never die
Good but i prefer the original I think it kinda waters it down that I can't get to play the online on iOS
Wismridnwoenejviwhrjfoqjqq on Aug 27, 2015 for version 1.22.43
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It's alright.. No real time battles
Tijre Alaska on Aug 26, 2015 for version 1.21.74
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Don't spend your money in app purchases
Don't spend money on this game or they will have "server issues" and you will lose everything you bought and they will not replace it.
Me909090909 on Aug 24, 2015 for version 1.21.70
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Why can't we save the game in Game Center I just rest my iPad and I lost my all game data . And I really want it back . My game name ZAK KHATTAK alliance Name The Shire Am level 25 I captured 2 outpost One main castle in the ever winter kingdom I WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK SOME HOW PLEASE!!
12zak59 on Aug 24, 2015 for version 1.21.70
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Rip off
When you start playing this game advancement is easy. As you progress it starts to cost a lot of real money. Good game is constantly doing updates and each one you lose more. It starts off with a few missing troops. Then it's missing troops, tools, and even rubies. Trying to contact support is no easy task. You message them and then wait weeks for them to respond. Only to tell you they won't fix it. I enjoy the game itself but in just over 2 months time I've lost about $200.00 worth of rubies and troops and still have no response from good game
Emb world 2 on Aug 19, 2015 for version 1.21.70
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Believe the bad reviews... And things are only getting worse
This is a fun game. But you can't play it competitively without spending a *huge* amount of money on in-app purchases. That is a choice that each individual can make for himself. But with the latest update, the developers have somehow caused buildings, troops, decorations, purchased with hard-earned "real" money, to go missing from the game. Completely disappear. As in, I decided it was worth my while to spend money on this, and poof, the developers took it away. They were happy to keep my money though. Complete radio silence from developers for days. No sorry, no we're trying to fix things. They have requested people to submit support tickets (pretending that everyone playing the game was not impacted) and they have ignored the support tickets, claiming they are overwhelmed. And they have demanded that each individual player independently prove exactly what they have lost (again pretending that everyone playing the game was not impacted). They are happy to keep the money though. At this point, the game morphs from a mere money pit into a fraud or a scam. You have been warned.
MirandaMMm on Aug 19, 2015 for version 1.21.70
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Money Pit
Indeed, it's a great time sink. The game starts off with plenty of resources to make you feel like your accomplishing a lot in what little time you have to spend in game between meetings, flights, etc. The game centers around time. Time to build things, time to attack other 'castle lords' and time to recover from attacks. Once you get near level 7 - 10 (there are 70 levels) the game turns into a good old fashioned Everquest grind. You spend hours waiting around for your attaches to occur, for construction that once took a few seconds or minutes now takes 3 - 24 hours. But don't fret because a lot of this can be skipped by using in-game purchased 'rubies'. For 99.00 (other options are available) for example, you can purchase about 50,000 rubies and use these to level quicker. The problem with the ruby system is that when you do the math, achieve the top levels, your literally going to shell out 100s if not 1000s of dollars. Seriously. When completing upper level buildings cost 3500 rubies each, well, you get the point. The concept of this game is very good. I do believe that the programmers deserve some pay for their efforts, however, the cost to results/ satisfaction ratio is WAY off. In short, if you have 100s of dollars to pay-to-play then this is your new money pit. If you continue to play free, then expect to hit mid level in about a year. Great potential just too greedy a crew running the game.
John 3:14 on Aug 17, 2015 for version 1.20.85
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Great game, but crippled by greedy developers.
This is a great game, no doubt there. But to get anywhere you need to spend real money, again and again. Buying jewels to buy in game upgrades and benefits is the norm rather than an exception. I suppose you can get somewhere even without spending hard cash, but as always thats by spending 10 times as much time in game to make it. I will play it for a bit longer, but eventually delete it when the need for jewels becomes to frustrating. I for one will not pay to play a game that offers no other incentive than spending cash to make advancements. The game itself is god enough that I would pay 10 or 20 $ for it, but not again and again every day!
alfmorten on Aug 17, 2015 for version 1.21.70
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Lol, I have played thecomputer version of the game and loved the community. So I decided to see if I would enjoy this one. As soon as I get in a power alliance tells me to spend $900 for a "god" commander. I'm lvl 11!!!! Not even lvl 70 yet. And then they said, " buy a god castalean for $600", that is outrageous if it"s true. I bet on the computer they have those sorts of deals but the game atleast hid it better. And fewer players have it.
Plumpy21 on Aug 12, 2015 for version 1.20.85
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I LOVED this game until ...
When they upgraded, many of the players became cut throat - just plain bullies. Although talking not as sexually explicit as Game of War, the bullying did come in. I played this game for over a year with a great group of guys from around the world ... We helped each other and talked daily. The game changed and it became very unpleasant to play. Everyone in my group quit. You can not play at higher level without spending $10 U.S. Minimum per battle and you battle only once a day. It could take weeks to repair your castle after a battle without money.
Yoboseo on Aug 11, 2015 for version 1.20.85
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