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Pretty cool
I haven't found any of the reported issues. It seems to be a pretty good game.
Tstorm66 on Oct 27, 2013 for Empire
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Incredibly stupid
I'm just trying to watch a video then the App Store pops up out of nowhere bringing me to this game! I didn't hit anything nor did I search for it. Freakin annoying.
Anonymous276586 on Oct 26, 2013 for Empire
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One more thing
When you get attacked a fire is set on one of your buildings but if you have a fire station less fire burns...the fire station should put it out within a couple of days not just reduce how many buildings get set on fire...come on I payed rubies for the fire station!!!
keltonman on Oct 26, 2013 for Empire
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This game used to be fun. now it's almost unplayable for new players. They are now finding new ways to get money out of you and expect established players who got everything for half the cost to bully you into spending money on this game.
Wrxstiftw on Oct 26, 2013 for Empire
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ms727 on Oct 26, 2013 for Empire
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Ruined. Still RUINED!
Good and Bad about the update, and outstanding issues with v1.1.1 from 10/26 The good: G1) Storage building Level 7 / 80,000 was added -- players can now begin new research "advertised" for the 10/22 update (but unattainable without filling storage with wood + stone and making large ruby purchases, due to all new research requiring more than 61,000 resources). G2) Resource trade sliders have been fixed, fully (as far as I can tell). G3) Left/Right navigation bars in "dock" at bottom of screen work again. The Bad: B1) The new Medical Hospital, Drill Grounds, and Architect buildings have been retained, which means that my already maxed out / fully filled up castles will have to have decorations put into storage to make room -- this will lower my productivity, which greatly devalues these new buildings. :-( :-( :-( The new building %boost stats should be increased and the stone, wood, and food overseer boosts should also be increased to compensate for my lower %productivity in all castles. I will also be asking for ruby refunds for any displaced 5,500 ruby festival squares. :-( :-( :-( This is the issue above all else that will determine whether I keep playing. B2) The 4th wall defense slot on left/right walls is now gone. It appears that instead of PROPERLY fixing the PvP and Robber Baron defense issues, they simply deleted the new defense slot. This new feature would have been a welcomed improvement -- it needs to be fixed correctly and added back into the game. B3) Research is still broken. Each new "talent" point shows a net 0 increase in speed. For example: B3.1) %recruit at 5/7 is 45%, which is the same speed as level 6/7 B3.2) %spy at 5/7 is 75%, which is the same speed as level 6/7 B3.3) %tools at 5/9 is 45%, which is the same speed as level 6/9 B3.5) %barrows at 5/10 is 75%, which is the same speed as level 6/10 B4) Microscopic font problem in chat still happens on long lines. It is slightly improved in that the font will reset to a readable size if you close and re-open the Alliance screen; however it reverts to microscopic upon changing tabs and coming back to the chat. The questions: Q1) Per B1, could we please get a list of ruby costs for level 1 to max of Medical Hospital, Drill Grounds, Master Builder, and Fire Station buildings? I need to evaluate the new pricing to determine if my household can afford the ruby costs to keep playing the game. I also need to file a ticket to get a refund for the difference between the 500k rubies I spent on the level 5 Medical Hospital in six castles, vs. the new lower pricing. Q2) Per B1, can anyone confirm whether the recruit speed has been improved for the new Drill Grounds? NOTE: I still need a reply on the other thread where I spelled out my questions/concerns about the math. Q3) Per B2, above, can anyone confirm that PvP defenses are now restored to pre-10/22 behavior? Q4) Per B2, above, can anyone confirm that Robber Baron defenses are now restored to pre-10/22 behavior? Regards, UberE
ƜberEclectic on Oct 26, 2013 for Empire
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