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i moroni
Ever notice how, when something works, or provides a user experience that is clean and efficient, somewhere, somehow, a moron will manage to inject himself into the picture, and ruin it? What idiot added the 'preview tab' to the editorial api I don't know, but could you whip him, please? Just irksome, just a perfect moronism.
Whatttttttttttttttttt?... on Jul 25, 2015 for version 1.2.1
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Cloudy thinking
I get why it uses Dropbox but I still would prefer a different cloud service provider. This is greatly highlighted since this app or Dropbox DID NOT SYNC A FILE CORRECTLY. This app is super powerful and fantastic. But it's only truly great (simple to use feature) feature for basic users (those who don't need a python or JavaScript or whatever else editor) is that if you are working on a long document you can do text folding. This app and the integration with Dropbox might have made me lose a week's worth of work. That's unacceptable because I am told it is all super secure and safe and I know it isn't user error because it is all out of my hands.
C#J# on Jul 12, 2015 for version 1.2.1
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unless you sync it with icloud dont trust that it with your work, It stopped working and it just would not open, then everything was erased.
edal.86 on Jun 16, 2015 for version 1.2
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Practically zero cloud support
Edit: the latest version still has very limited cloud support. I'd prefer to see support for document providers or baked-in support for more than Dropbox. This app supports one and only one cloud storage option: Dropbox, a service which is increasingly redundant. Google and Apple (and Microsoft) now offer similar functionality and he idea of layering Dropbox on top of the services I already use is annoying.
arnold_magnet on Jun 15, 2015 for version 1.2
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After update when I trie to go into settings it crashes please fix
Ate11135674/,) on Jun 15, 2015 for version 1.2
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Awful offline support
Great app, with so many useful features. The only problem is that it loses new documents I create while offline, every time
lloyddoppler on May 30, 2015 for version 1.1.1
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Abandoned software. Buyer beware.
This was a great text editor, but it's been nearly a year since the developer updated it. It has never been fixed to use the new larger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Lucky_S_Club on May 17, 2015 for version 1.1.1
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Best iOS Markdown Editor... when updated
This is great software, but the author is really slow to update it. Doesn't work well on iPhone 6 or 6+, and is starting to show its age. So, it's great, but it's poorly maintained.
FrequencyAndSulphur on Mar 15, 2015 for version 1.1.1
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Not optimized
Not optimized for iOS 8
ashneo76 on Feb 26, 2015 for version 1.1.1
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Never updated for iOS 8 / iPhone 6 - no git integration
The app appears massive on iPhone 6/6+ which makes it not very useful to write on. While it looks like it was great while it was being maintained - it's seriously lacking from not having git / GitHub or Gitlab integration.
s_mcleod on Feb 25, 2015 for version 1.1.1
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