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Buyer Beware
This seems to be one of those programs in which most of the reviews are from the developers' friends. It can't even do what it claims as it's main feature: provide HTML preview with the slide of a window. In preview, all the text runs together and without any of the markdown formatting. The only thing that shows properly are bullet points. To be sure it wasn't corrupted, I deleted and downloaded the software again. Still won't function as advertised. Also, claims that developer is responsive are baloney. I've emailed him twice over several weeks and he has NEVER responded. Now that I've outed him, I wonder if - lo and behold - he miraculous answers my emails. Bottomline: Nice idea but beta at best. Plenty of better and cheaper software out there.
Matsutake69 on Oct 6, 2013 for Editorial
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Could be better.
I bought Editorial few days ago, because I got tired by the unstableness of Wisdom Writer, which was and still is my favorite text editor so far. I like Editorial. But since I've been using Wisdom Writer for a long time, it is natural to compare these two apps. Wisdom Writer is the only app that has fully in-place Markdown view. With Editorial and other apps, like iA Writer, which I also have but never use, you have to use 'Preview Mode' to check the final Markdown results. It is unacceptable for me. Wisdom Writer can do that, why not others? It is like throw you back into 80's. There is full screen mode in Wisdom Writer, but not Editorial. Full screen is very important for the little screen of iPad. You can change text color in Wisdom Writer, but not in Editorial. For my work, I think Wisdom Writer is good enough, if it is stable, I mean. So I bought Editorial, and it seems more stable than Wisdom Writer. That is very attractive to me. The worst thing that could happen when you are writing is glitch. That will definitely ruin you thoughts. That is why I will keep using Editorial and hope this text editor could be more prefect so I can stop hopping from one app to another. BTW, I don't really care about the Workflow function. It is not for me. Why make a text editor so complex? As conclusion, my wishlist: 1, better Chinese support. 2, fully in-place Markdown view. 3, full screen mode when typing. 4, text color.
E=ME2 on Oct 2, 2013 for Editorial
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Completely Unusable
This app is completely unusable. You can write stuff but only after you spend an hour trying to figure out how. Then, there's no way to save a file. What do you text it to yourself? I have no idea. This app is worthless. Enjoy your chargeback, Apple.
damonbuxton on Sep 23, 2013 for Editorial
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Wow. He's thought of everything
Easy to use, easy to modify, well thought out, unbelievably inexpensive and works great. Workflows, Bookmarks bar and the integrated browser just put it over the top. Then there's local and dropbox file support.
quiet country lawyer on Sep 23, 2013 for Editorial
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Best iPad text editor
I have tried many, probably too many, text editors on the iPad. Most are good or even really good. Editorial is hands down the best. I am only using Editorial on the iPad now. No need to add to what has been said already. Just one clarification. Someone said you can't move files from local to Dropbox or vice versa. It's not correct. You just have to add a simple workflow to do that. You don't even have to write the code yourself. There is a beta repository for workflows that lets you install all the workflows you want. I do all my iPad writing in Editorial now. I'll definitely use Scrivener when the iOS version will come out, but I am pretty sure I will be using Editorial quite heavily even after Scrivener for iOS is out.
MarcoIac on Sep 16, 2013 for Editorial
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Best iOS Markdown Editor
If it tells you anything, I'm using this App and a bluetooth keyboard to do much of the writing for my dissertation (which is then turned to LaTeX using Pandoc). My only complaints are that the bottom bar occasionally flickers while writing, and that there's not a Mac version of it. If this is 1.0, well, awesome.
FrequencyAndSulphur on Sep 16, 2013 for Editorial
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