Domino's Pizza Hero: Too hard Review

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Too hard
They obviously wanted it to seem like their dominos pizzas are the highest quality pizzas in the world I've seen their pizzas they aren't perfect circle they have sauce on the crust they don't cut them perfectly even I deleted it after about 20 attempts to make the crust perfect. I'll make the crust in 5 seconds and he will still say "you need to pick up the pace in his kitchen" or I'll make it a perfect circle and he will say "I don't know what shape that is but were trying to make a circle here" I feel like I could make a pizza that someone would pay a million bucks for and he would throw it in the trash
Don't download this app !!!!! on Apr 29, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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This game is very hard. U have to b perfect to get a good score ( more than one star) and its not even fun... It gets so boring after a while cuz ur just doing the same thing over and over again...it's just stupid and pointless
Cheesy685327932 on Apr 28, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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hate it
Justin9898 is right the guy who judges you is way too picky I mean seriously people...... if your gonna mAke an app for kids then don't make them feel like that make the feel like they tied their hardest..........gosh just a couple years ago people were actually nice ................what's wrong with human society now a days
Anneliese1273 on Apr 28, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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Minimum wage job simulator!
I actually worked at a Domino's store over 10 years ago. The ringing phone sound effect actually stressed me out when I heard it in the game! Some of the complaints that the game is too hard amuse me - it is exactly as hard as actually making a pizza up to company standards. But I do think some adjustments could make it better as a recruiting/training tool, and more fun, such as: - Multitouch support for dough stretching. You don't do it with one finger in real life. (Of course the managers always did the dough stretching at my store too, not the teen girls employed to answer phones and sling pepperonis. So.) - Better explanation about topping amounts for a multi-topping pizza. You don't use as much of each ingredient in a 4-topping pizza as you would for a single-topping, but there's no real explanation of this. So when the guides disappear in Rush mode, good luck guessing how much to use. When I made pies toppings were weighed individually and there were charts all over reminding you how much to use, but I guess that's less "game-y." Maybe it's considered a "trade secret" too, who knows? - Why is there a topping limit in "free play" mode? Not very free, especially if they don't tell you what the limit is until you hit it. My ridiculous pizza designs have been ruined by hitting this invisible limit! - Where are the olives?
unsecretcrush on Apr 28, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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Actually really fun. Once I got 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Grurble on Apr 28, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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This app is the worst one ever it insults you, it makes you lose,it makes the time way too short, and it even will say you are wrong when you did it right
Boogie Woogie on Apr 27, 2012 for Domino's Pizza Hero
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