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Update is Junk
I purchased this app and it performed at a level 3 rating at best. Now the update is useless. It will not download properly and once downloaded it freezes which causes you to delete it and start all over again. My rating is 1 because I am unable to give it a -5 (negative five). Caution: don't waste the money on this app.
ChooChoo1031 on Sep 15, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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Last version is better by far!!!
There is a lot of feature that the previews version as that this version doesn't. After have this app for years and use it a lot day by day I totally regrets update to this version. Now I have to buy Pages.
Gabie J Gonzalez Lorenzo on Sep 15, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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Shuts down when selecting BOX
If have updated my rating from 1 star to 4 stars. I am able to sync on iCloud again.
Fullspeed M+ on Sep 15, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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Can't open large excel files
Have been using documents to go since I had a palm and now I have to find something else. I am unable to open the most important file I use. It's an excel file with 100 plus tabs, total size is 1 Mb. I am not sure if its the size or the number of tabs but it crashes every time I try and open it. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM BEFORE. The only other thing I miss with the update is the ability to sort files by name. Still unbelievable that they didn't update the filing system with folders etc... Please fix.
Mc0898 on Sep 15, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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Issues with the new version
I find the revisions are often quite annoying. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to insert rows in a spreadsheet. The old version had an easily-visible "insert rows" button on the bottom menu, but I had to google to discover the explanation of the new method, which is quite clumsy by comparison. The new interface takes up far too much screen space compared to the previous version. The submenus for selecting fonts, styles, etc. are much clumsier than the previous version. There are a lot of missing features. If I go to a cell with number, time, or date format, it should put the keyboard into the numeric mode. This would have been a lot more valuable than gratuitous rewrites of the interface. There seems to be no good way to print a document, so I have to have access to a desktop to get printed output, even though I have a fine Lantronix interface for Airprint-to-LAN-printing. Even more annoying is the feature where I select a cell, touch the input box to add or change information, and at least on the iPhone, the keyboard pops up and covers up all the cells. I make the changes I want, dismiss the keyboard, and look at the cell's content. No, wait, I can't do that, because it has scrolled the active cell to just beyond the top of the window, so I have to scroll the spreadsheet back down so I can see the value. I do not recall having to do this in the old version. When making "improvements" in the GUI, it is advisable to make sure they are really improvements. As far as I can tell, code had to added to make this work incorrectly. The Word clone still doesn't have features I need. Simple ones like using Courier New 12 for my documents. The inability to use my document's defined styles, so I have to say things like ***chapter, and go back to my full desktop version to convert it to the chapter environment. And for a writer/editor, the ability to get a real "Insert Comment" matters a lot. All of these would have been far more valuable than the "improved" GUI, which suffers from the same problems as the Excel GUI: harder to use, and too hungry for screen space. I need to use these apps on an iPhone (I keep my work in DropBox, so if I'm caught somewhere with nothing to do, I can write/edit a couple more pages). And, guys, stop changing the icon! Anything that doesn't need to change, shouldn't All that said, it's a great product that lacks (or, in the new, improved version, just lost) some important functionality.
Supuflorous Flounder on Sep 15, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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This App crashes upon opening PDF file and then continues to subsequently crash each time app is opened. App is currently worthless. Cannot understand how such a flawed, "upgrade" could be released by DataViz. Totally irresponsible.
GC in MA on Sep 14, 2013 for Documents To Go® Premium
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