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Could be better, and terrible technical support
I like this app for accessing office docs (mainly word and excel) that I’ve stored on dropbox and Google Docs**. However, it could be better, and technical support is terrible. There are many Excel functions that it doesn’t support. If you open a workbook contains something that is not supported, it locks the whole thing. Also, in Excel, scrolling is very slow and cumbersome. For one thing, dragging is bi-directional, so it is difficult. If you want to scroll down, you have to be careful so you don’t scroll across at the same time. And it is very slow, even on the latest hardware (iPhone 4S and iPad2). You constantly get the “cross-hatch” display and have to wait for it to catch up. It would be really nice if it supported the Custom Views feature of Excel. Dataviz used to have an equivalent feature on PalmOS, but for some reason they didn’t carry it forward. Dataviz support is awful, I would call it user-hostile. Here’s an example. I was getting an error message opening a document stored on google docs. First, their knowledgebase is useless and out-of-date. Once I opened a ticket, I got a reply from someone whose signature lines says, “Sales & Marketing.” And he was about as much help as that. He had no clue about the problem, and was clearly grasping at straws and stalling, with replies like – “try switching from 3G to Wi-Fi and tell me if you're still having a problem,” and “delete the account and re-add it.” Finally I was able to get some hints that led me to a resolution on the Dataviz user forum. When I went to post my resolution there, I discovered that for some reason, they had locked the forum from updates. Why wouldn’t they let users help one another? Maybe they didn’t like how they were complaining to one another about the terrible technical support. Once I replied back to the “Sales & Marketing” guy that I figured out a solution, I got no response or acknowledgement. Furthermore, months after that occurred, my problem is not documented in their knowledgebase, and it is something that anyone could accidentally do. ** Note, I upgraded to the premium, but for some reason, my iTunes is not showing that I own it, but that’s a whole other problem.
RJKinsman on Jan 1, 2012 for Documents To Go® Free
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It works for me, but I'm waiting on improvements
It would be great for the ability to sync over iCloud, guys! Is that feature coming?!? There are a lot of bugs having to do with tabs and when I use Apple's external keyboard I get a lot of refresh issues / invisible or ghost lines of text while typing Word documents. I initially fell in love with this product, and upgraded to Premium, but am right now waiting on fixes and iCloud support. Hopefully they'll come through on some updates and this will be -the- iPad word processor / productivity suite to get.
wvejumper on Dec 31, 2011 for Documents To Go® Free
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Latest update reduces number of sheets that can access in a workbook
Since the latest update, i have not been able to access all sheets in a workbook. I have a workbook with 14 sheets and it only allows access to 3 sheets. The work-around that others have noted works for me: open the accessible sheet closest to the one you want and then close it. This makes the next closest sheet accessible. In this manner, you can work your way over to the sheet you want. I hope this is fixed soon.
Bill H 61 on Dec 31, 2011 for Documents To Go® Free
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I still love this app - yes, they have some bugs with .xlsx worksheet but..
Their website gives a workaround for now, that does work. Thought I would share for those who did not look: Our engineers are aware of this bug and are working on a fix. Unfortunately, Apple is not accepting new updates from developers until after the New Year. We do have a temporary work around for this issue: If you have a document with multiple worksheets, open each sheet in order “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” in order to access the sheet you want to view. For instance, if sheet 3 appears blank, first open Sheet 2, and then sheet 3 should be available to switch to. This works the other way as well if you want to go from sheet 3 to sheet 1. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will submit a fix to Apple as soon as possible but Apple will not release until after the New Year.
Jetii on Dec 31, 2011 for Documents To Go® Free
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Loss of spreadsheets
New update requires rotation of device to view otherwise invisible spreadsheets. This was an excellent app before the last update. If you guys at docstogo are aware of the problem (and fixing it).... A simple post on this forum would be nice?!?!
Does everything on the go on Dec 30, 2011 for Documents To Go® Free
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Love this for excel
I really only ever use this app for excel, but I have had it for a few months now and I think it's pretty good. I use complex equations, and it handles them just fine. I think the desktop app is silly. To access a syncing app (such as sugarsync/Dropbox) you must get the pro version for twice the price (and even a dollar more when you upgrade from this version...what?). This practically nullifies its usefulness. Why edit on your phone if it doesn't update on your desktop/iPad, etc? Just combine the two apps and make the one a median price. Otherwise, thank you for a quality editing app for excel.
rfreiburghaus on Dec 30, 2011 for Documents To Go® Free
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