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Good but crashes are very annoying
I love this app but plz fix the problem with the crashes whenever try to add or change an event
VLinaG on Oct 30, 2010 for DejaOffice
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I had earlier version that made you load your contacts thru iTunes. Now supports WiFi and links quickly by clicking on iPhone and desktop. Great with Act 2010 and easy to update my activity, appointments, tasks, etc every afternoon! This is a must if using Act database & iPhone.
By Bigtex in Dallas Oct 5th on Oct 25, 2010 for DejaOffice
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I'd give it 10 stars if I could
Amazing app. It has everything u could ever want. Perfect perfect perfect
ExplosiumContortium on Oct 20, 2010 for DejaOffice
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Delighted! This was my "Killer App"!
>>> Summary <<< Overall, I'm very delighted with DejaOffice 2010 and its companion desktop application CompanionLink Express! - I've got the power of having categories for my Outlook CONTACTS, NOTES, and also the previously unavailable TASKS synced with my iPhone (with the following noted limitations for CONTACTS). - I can sync anytime I want between my computer and iPhone using Wi-Fi and not have to use a USB cable. - So I’m keeping my iPhone and all of the wonderful extra functionality it brings versus trading it in for a BlackBerry Torch!! >>> Background <<< Because I really use the power of Outlook's NOTES and TASKS a lot on my desktop, especially with all of the categories I’ve created, I was ready to return my iPhone 4 for a BlackBerry Torch, primarily because I couldn’t sync my Outlook 2010 in an acceptable manner – the Outlook functionality was that important to me. The iTunes sync to the iPhone for NOTES is by date order with no categories, so that's virtually useless to me, and there is no TASKS app on the iPhone to sync with at all. After hours of searching the App Store, I found DejaOffice for the iPhone (a sweet little app by itself), which has a companion piece for the desktop called CompanionLink. There are two versions of CompanionLink that seemed germane, Professional and Express: Professional is geared for syncing different databases, Exchange-stuff and such, and the Express is for a stand-alone relationship sync (e.g. between my PC and my iPhone; home/office setting), and at about half the price of Professional. I tried the free full-function Express trial and was sold almost on-the-spot: all of my categories for NOTES and TASKS were synced to the DejaOffice application, and it also did it over my Wi-Fi, too!! So, goodbye USB for my daily updates! I’ve now turned off all Outlook syncs within iTunes, and exclusively use CompanionLink to handle all of my Outlook syncs to my iPhone. (I, of course, still use the USB for periodic iPhone backups, but it’s the Outlook contents that are most important to me and change most frequently.) Express may seem pricey, at $69, but if I had switched to the BlackBerry Torch so I could have the Outlook functionality, I would have had to buy a Bluetooth adapter for my netbook (around $25 – 35, give or take), and given up a lot of the iPhone extras, too. So, the cost seemed like a good investment to make the iPhone really and fully useful. (This was the “killer app” for me!) >>> Limitations <<< > CONTACTS Categories < CONTACTS are limited, by design, to the five categories of the iPhone CONTACTS (Business, Family, Friends, Personal, and Restaurants). I think that was because of how integrated the iPhone CONTACTS app is with so many other iPhone apps. It IS possible, however, to have multiple categories within Outlook for a contact, but only one gets synced with the iPhone, and it had better be one of the five categories iPhone recognizes or it will simply get a non-category recognition (which is not a deal breaker, in my mind). To have multiple categories, you have to add the iPhone category after you’ve added your other categories (or in Outlook 2010, so the category appears on the left-side listing of categories for a contact). You can make it work, with some very repetitive keystrokes. I figured it was time for me to clean-up my contacts anyway, so I just went through and converted most everything to a single category, keeping a few contacts with multiple categories. > CONTACTS Sorting < Sorting for CONTACTS is not on the same level as Outlook’s, but I can live with that. I can still find what I’m looking for with the search function, if need be. > Desktop Functionality < The main screen and HELP functions need some improvement and the HELP could be more in-depth with better examples and screen shots, as I had to figure out some things on my own. My main SETUP screen still says that I've "Never" synced (but I know better!). >>> Speed Bumps <<< Once in a while I’ve had to reboot the iPhone, as the syncing won’t recognize the iPhone, but I think this occurs primarily after I’ve done some heavy iTunes/Apps syncing. >>> Overall <<< Overall, I'm very happy! This might not meet the needs for all users, but for a stand-alone sync between my desktop Outlook and my iPhone, with categories for CONTACTS, NOTES, and now including TASKS, DejaOffice 2010, with its CompanionLink Express desktop application and Wi-Fi syncing, has made my iPhone an indispensible device for me! ===== Update to review I noted a subsequent reviewer had some problems (appointments not saving; contact screen disappearing; trouble with making multiple appointments), and the only problem I could replicate was an appointment problem, which was caused by the weird coincidence of me creating an appointment so close to midnight. I was creating an appointment around 11:30p for a future date, say next Tuesday, and the application defaulted to prefill dates for Tuesday and Wednesday (becasue it was so close to midnight), and the actual appointment appeared on Wednesday -- which I simply corrected, once I figured out where it had gone to. That's a bug I'm going to report to the DejaOffice team. Which brings up the point that the DejaOffice website has, from my brief review, a pretty active dialogue going on between users and the development team, which can be found in their forums. Meaning, that if you've got some problems, it appears that they are there to try and help!
Ted5612 on Oct 9, 2010 for DejaOffice
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Not happy
Appointments don't save :( When entering in info to contacts the screen disappears! You have to start all over again. Can't make multiple appointments... Double booking/triple booking. This would an awesome app if these were fixed. Right now, I'm disappointed.
TCTaylor on Oct 8, 2010 for DejaOffice
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Lot of potential but just disappointment
This app looks to be a good CRM or peoject management app but in reality it is just another calendar/task app with lots of hidden fees. You want to sync with outlook, lotus notes, or Zimbra you pay an additional $130. Thus not ready for enterprise systems. The calendar functtion is not yet ready for prime time, it will duplicate items for no apparent reason. It support page and form is filed with non-answered questions. Sorting functions are limited and just about impossible to find or use. Lastly, I was hoping the most recent Sept 20 update would fix or enhance the app, but nothing appears t0 be changed and could not find a list of fixes anywhere on the support site.
ewj123 on Sep 29, 2010 for DejaOffice
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