DejaOffice: Calendar PROBLEMS Review

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Used this app, along with CompanionLink free trail software, to transfer data from Palm to Verizon iPhone -- worked great, a great time-saver. DejaOffice Calendar has huge potential -- many capabilities the native iPhone calendar does NOT have (color coded categories for events, far better flexibility of scheduling events, better options for viewing, etc.) BUT it doesn't work! Often new events don't get added to the calendar -- they disappear. The view will switch from week starts Monday to week starts Sunday and not be consistent. Repeat events will show the correct end date in their edit screen, but will reset to repeat without end on the monthly calendar view. I could go on. This will be a TOP product if they fix the bugs -- but it's totally unusable as of version 1.1.7.
bbman1 on Feb 19, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Over 1 month of trying, still not working (Ipad-Time&Chaos
I would imagine the only reason anyone would try this app would be to use an Iphone/Pod/Pad with their exisitng contact management software. In my case that would be ChaosSoftware's Time & Chaos/Intellect. Their Palm solution has worked flawlessly for years until they decided there were too many devices out here for a small company to internally develop sync solutions for (they're right..). They recommend CompanionLink, that apparently is suitable for many combinations of device & contact software. I still have an old Palm Centro for a phone simply so I didn't have to work with CompanionLink (Chaos's old sync solution still works). Palm OS is dead, so I bought an Ipad. Just want to get my contacts to sync (both ways) with it. 30 days later I still can't get the sync to work, despite working with "3rd level support" and "the developers" from CompanionLink. 3 weeks into the effort they come up with the "we're working on a fix that the next release will introduce. Be patient" Great. Also a lie.. Installed this "fix", no change. The only reason you'd use DejaOffice is to use ComanionLink with your exisitng contact manager and a device. It's poorly written, lacks basic features, somehow slows down the normally fast Ipad and WON'T SYNC! This is just terrible software and CompanionLink is a terrible company to work with. Sorry for taking so long to get to the point..
vb53 on Feb 18, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Insanely Bad
Either the installation instructions are flat wrong, or the product simply does not work with iPhone/Outlook. There is a walk setup walkthrough on Companionlink site but when it doesn't work there is no searchable support and they have the galls to offer help for $29. Don't pay until/unless you get it working. Even then don't expect help without getting slammed with more fees.
thebrightestcolor on Feb 15, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Poor Quality control & False Advertising of your product
I just had a very poor experience with the purchase of the CompanionLink software. I followed all product instructions and configurations steps only to end up calling AT&T then Apple for support on trying to get the application to synch with my Lotus Notes. After three re-installs of both the DejaOffice on the iPhone and CompanionLink on my PC – Nothing is working 4 and half hours later. Not sure who is to blame here the developers of the program for putting out a poorly documented and supported product or the Apple Store for letting half baked application be marketed thru their store. This was not a 99 cent app or $ 2.00 application. I paid over $ 69.00 for this application and feel I was taken for a joy ride. Very poor way to do business for a new company who advertises so much functionality yet they are not able to perform a simple synchronization function. If I do not hear back from their Technical Support group I will have to ask for a refund and search for a new Lotus Notes solution. Very unhappy about the high price and not able to use the application on top of wasting over 5 hours of my busy schedule
Very Disappointed Ex-Customer on Feb 6, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Not ready for prime time
You better like this program, becuase it puts groups in your iPad contact app, and doesn't remove them when you uninstall. And don't try what I did: re-install to try to get rid of the groups--because you'll just end up with duplicate groups (Business, Business... Personal...).
guiman.david on Feb 5, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Good Idea, Does NOT work
This would be great if it actually worked. Downloaded the CompanionLink for Outlook Desktop software that is required for sync, only to find that the program hangs and will not ever fully sync the outlook calendar and contacts with the iPhone. Most of my contacts came in, but not the calendar. I gave it a good try by restarting the process over again 3 times with no luck. Dissappointing. Thankfully this has a 14 day trial and i didnt pay the steep $39.95 price up front for the CompanionLink.
TaniaLC on Feb 3, 2011 for DejaOffice
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