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Be careful!!!
I could never get the calendar on my iPhone to sync with my iPad. Then when I removed the app from my phone it wiped out all of my contacts with no warning. I was able to recover with iTunes but was stuck most of the day with no contact info for my clients.
Los716 on Oct 31, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Update graphics for Retina Display!
Graphics look pixelated.
herod2221 on Oct 27, 2011 for DejaOffice
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A good start, but needs work!
I'm a Palm user from way back, and this is the only app that is even close to using a Palm device of any kind. Unfortunately, there are some functions that don't work or need work. First, Contact Link doesn't work at all. Next, in the Tasks there are no alarms, and there should be a way to make Tasks repetitive. Calendar alarms don't always work, which is why I continue to use the native iPhone calendar, as the alarms always work. I haven't reliably been able to add categories to my contacts (I add and save, but it doesn't show up in the list of contacts and is gone when I look at the contact again). Finally, DejaToday doesn't work at all-nothing is listed. If these are fixed or added, this will be a great app! Update: I was once able to edit and use the User Field Labels. I don't know which version this failed, but I'm no longer able to edit the labels, even though I can enter the data intended for them. It seems that when they fix or add a feature, it screws up another one. I'm hoping that someday they get it right! UPDATE 9/26/11: Just updated to latest version, and now I can't use it at all. It just won't start, no matter what I do. I'm changing my rating to 1 star! UPDATE 10/3/11: I just updated to 1.2.6, and I'm still getting the black screen of death as it crashes. I'm really disappointed, and I'm wondering if anyone else is able to open the app after updating. UPDATE 10/11/11: Just updated to 1.2.7 and FINALLY everything works, and I'm able to use all the new updates. I'm really enjoying all the new stuff, and am bringing my stars back up to 4. There's still some freezing going on, but at least I can use it.
Eileen Brown on Oct 11, 2011 for DejaOffice
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WARNING: Don't upgrade! New Build Always Crashes on Start
New version will not open at all (Sept 2011). Black screen then crashes every time. Suggestion: test new builds before releasing. The new build is toast with no way to downgrade back to the working build. I'm dead in the water with no way to access and sync my calendar and contacts. For many users this is mission critical. It's not a stretch to see a user losing his or her job over missed appointments, etc. At least post the old version immediately and let us get back to work. And next time, TEST IT FIRST! Oct 3 version 1.2.6 STILL will not launch -- black screen crash after about 20 seconds every time. At least CompanionLink acknowledge that "some users experienced crash on launch after updating." Unfortunately, 1.2.6 does NOT fix this new feature. I've not seen one review of anyone able to upgrade to either 1.2.5 or 1.2.6 successfully. Perhaps one day when I have a free afternoon I'll try taking a chance by erasing all my data and trying reloading everything. Has anybody out there successfully updated without erasing all their contacts? If so, were you able to resync everything or was it gone for good? Update: Oct 4. Spent 4 hours today trying to make this work. I tried deleting and reinstalling Deja. BIG MISTAKE! As I feared, Deja won't synch at all. What's worse than an iPhone with an old address book and calendar? An iPhone with NO address book or calendar. Once all your contacts and calendar have been deleted, Deja will open to home screen (finally) without a crash. Unfortunately, any attempt to sync takes you right back to crash city. First attempt showed about 150 imports then black screen crash. Subsequent attempts just freeze the screen with no contacts being imported. I tried erasing and reloading several times with same results. I challenge Deja to show us even one user who has been able to upgrade and sync. Read the reviews. At least they should pay someone to post a few fake customers to claim they have successfully upgraded. Please, please, please repost the old pre-September version and let me sync my Act back to my phone. I promise to never upgrade or bother you again. Update: Oct 5. Wow, 5 hours working on this and it finally synched!! Don't know what finally made it work but it does. I tried deleting purging and refreshing on Deja, Companion Link, and both over and over for hours. Finally one time it synched about 350 records (a huge improvement over 0) then crashed. The next purge and re-synch actually worked as I held my breath through the whole operation. Do I dare press my luck and try another sync? I'm guessing as long as I sync only with no purge my data is fairly safe but trust me my heart will still be in my throat. I love living dangerously.  At least my Act! data was still unaffected. I always back up Act! before every sync and I would NEVER trust Deja/CompanionLink to update my Act! Word to the wise, if you want to risk trying Deja, make sure the settings are one way -- Desktop PIM to iPhone. Never let Deja modify or update your PIM. Well, bottom line it finally did work somehow at least this once. Good luck to all you other alpha / beta testers out there.
JamesKWalker on Oct 5, 2011 for DejaOffice
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1.2.5 is a major improvement!
Had to uninstall and reinstall for the new version ti work. No biggie, just had to purge and resync afterwards. Anyway, I refuse to give up ACT! so it's DJO and CL for me. The previous version worked but it was quirky and EXTREMELY S-L-O-W. 1.2.5 starts up fast and searching contacts no longer tests my patience. I do like the integration with the native contact list. Haven't tried the new native calendar integration which just didn't work before. Still miss my Storm 2 but I'm on Notes so I'm stuck with this stupid iPhone (browser fantastic. Everything else stinks)
CDchangerguy on Sep 30, 2011 for DejaOffice
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Failed upgrade
This upgrade is an epic fail! Please fix it ASAP!
Ceo877 on Sep 29, 2011 for DejaOffice
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