Defense of the Oasis: Crashes! Review

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Please fix it. I love this game!
mndewdrop on Mar 14, 2013 for Defense of the Oasis
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Crashes on launch
This version is broken
opkopk on Mar 12, 2013 for Defense of the Oasis
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Surprise Surprise!
Found this by accident and can't stop playing! Neat concept and fun play. Clever! the only minor criticism is some of the graphics aren't crisp as desired, also, the UI is very well designed except the advisor panels don't look right, they are to "block looking", text is too bold and the portrait and text are bordered with something that doesn't quite fit in that space. Look at it and you'll see what I mean. Not really complaining, great game! just needs those two things polished up a bit.
devxx on May 27, 2012 for Defense of the Oasis
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Fantastic Game
This game is fairly easy to learn, but challenging as all hades to master. Somehow, it keeps drawing you in for more. This is indeed a very good strategy game. Two thumbs up!
Blackbelt_Jones on Jan 1, 2012 for Defense of the Oasis
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This is like the the world's best game ever. It is a must buy
Qwezmnj on Nov 13, 2011 for Defense of the Oasis
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One of the best games nobody has played
DOTO takes elements from minesweeper and civilization and adds in RPG elements and a massive number of new and varied challenge modes. I buy way too many games and usually get bored with them within a week or two, but this is a gem that has lasting appeal. I love strategy and RPG games and generally dislike puzzle games, but this one is something special. The game is turn based in that you each time you perform an action on the game map it costs a turn, but it can be very fast paced once you get the hang of it. You can touch or drag your finger on the map to perform a variety of actions. The goal is to defend your cities from the impending barbarians, and you have a limited number of turns to prepare your civilization before it is invaded. Choosing how you spend your time preparing is where the deep strategy comes into play, as there are too many things to do and too little time. The map starts out unexplored, so you spend some time looking for your cities and other points of interest, following cues on the map that help you guess what might be where, such as agriculture on the outskirts of cities. You seek people to populate and defend your empire, and can put them to work building roads which increase growth of cities, or in the mines where they research new weapons and armor to defend more effectively. You can search cities and find relics like ancient weapons that improve city defense, or advisors who will join your cause, such as the scout who allows you tile further when exploring. Finding and exploring the oasis provides additional points that are used for increasing your score, unlocking bonus levels, and as a last line of defense. You also can scout for the point where the barbarians will attack from, as they tend to attack the nearest cities first. After your last turn, you allocate your troops and then watch tensely as the ensuing battles unfold. The game graphics are great and smoothly animated, vibrantly colored and interesting. Gameplay is constantly rewarding and addictive. There are around ten campaigns, each of which can be completed in about 12-15 maps. Each campaign introduces a new challenge element, and there are four differs difficulty levels on top of this, with higher difficulties awarding higher scores. The game can be played in bursts, with each map consisting of 60 to 80 turns and lasting around 2-3 minutes to complete,or longer on the harder maps that require more deliberation. If you close the game in the middle of a map it will resume at at exact point when you reopen the game. DOTO is easy to pick up but the strategic depth is considerable. There are many nuances to the game that must be learned as the challenges become more demanding. Fortunately the game provides new hints between each map. The strategic depth involved, and constant improvement, combined with the broad range of difficulty is what gives DOTO it's lasting appeal. The developers did a good job of supporting it, and although there hasn't been an update in a while the game is so polished that I see little room for improvement beyond adding new content. I apologize for the length of this review but I have bought too many iPad and iPhone games that are just throwaways, keeping my attention for a short while despite high reviews. DOTO is truly special, it really stands out as one of the best games for iPad because it is so well done, and so perfect for the touch screen mobile interface. It requires more thinking and less button mashing, but is ideal for short burst gameplay as well as playing for hours at a time. DOTO deserves much more attention than it has gotten. If you like minesweeper or puzzles in general, strategy games, RPGs, or are just looking for something novel, do yourself a favor and give DOTO a try. I can't recommend it highly enough, and hope the developers have more games coming down the pipe.
AG19857777 on Sep 22, 2011 for Defense of the Oasis
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