Defenders of Ardania Lite: iphone Review

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looks good wish there was a version for iphone
extremelegend on Mar 23, 2012 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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Pretty, but shallow
Pros: Nice graphics, appropriate music, satisfactory UI. Cons: No player growth, slow paced, no story. Some of this might not be an issue in the full version, but it's what is lacking in the lite version that made me take the full version off my wish list.
runeypants on Dec 19, 2011 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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I really like this td game. Its different but cool.
TexasGal69 on Dec 12, 2011 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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Great concept, but execution could be smoother.
Finally a TD game where you can build towers AND units AND cast spell - all three which I've dreamt of one day to see in a TD package. Overall I think it's very well done with awesome graphics and battle. Best of all I liked the fact that when building units or towers, or casting spell, theres no wait time. I love the instantaneous feel. With that said, I think the game could use some tweaks before I decided to purchase the full version. 1) One game takes way too long, especially if it's just the first level.. And eventually there's a pattern that me and AI are doing - I destroy his towers, send my unit and wait because I've no money to build. Then because he has no towers, so he's got a lot of money saved and then builds massive amount of towers, while I had to start destroying them again. And then repeating the process again and again until it's destroyed, which started to get too repetitive. 2) Leveling units are questionable. Rather than sending more to level up, how about how many kills I did? Or even purchasing upgrades like the towers. I've kept sending the same unit but it still didn't level up..
SyncK on Dec 11, 2011 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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This app has the right idea but has executed the idea poorly; you send wave after wave of soldiers to defeat your oppositions castle but they all die inevitably before they ever get close to the opposing castle. Your towers are demolished and gold accumulation never amounts to anything. The resource management is poor; with a little work and balance, this could be a great game but as it is, it's not worth .99 let alone the $4.99 they're asking. Skip it.
MJKiel on Dec 9, 2011 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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Interesting, but a little weird, not in love.
This is kind of a cool game, but I don't love it be honest. I wouldn't pay $5 for it after playing the lite version though. $1 maybe. It has all of the features it says it does, but doesn't execute them as well as I thought they would. It's pretty hard to use the features it offers in tandem to defeat the enemy. The tower limit made it not quite as fun as well. I could never reach a point where I was ahead with my towers, ultimately I won by spamming the weakest troops I had and over running the enemy fortress. I didn't even NEED to use towers really...
dubbyaPOW on Dec 9, 2011 for Defenders of Ardania Lite
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