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This is a great app! Really helped me to study for Science Olympiad. There are a lot of calls on it, too. Lovely.
randomperson95 on Feb 19, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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Best birding AP
Learning who sings what can be difficult in the field... This AP teaches using visual cues, written/verbal and the songs of wild birds. With in one day I was unexpectedly cueing into the birds I hear but can not always see. Added plus is the link to Cornell for further study...It REALLY WORKS!
Studiocheetah on Feb 19, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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We have birds here!
I was looking for an iPad app of bird songs and I found it! This is a high quality, top notch app well worth twice the price! I love it!
Splash1701 on Jan 31, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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I have an ornithology class where I have to memorize tons of birds, and there songs. This app is perfect. Totally worth the money!
Student0822 on Jan 26, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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Very pleased with this app.
I'm relatively new to birding, and I'm finding this app to be lots of fun and very informative. Learning the songs has got to be easier this way than any other - you can jump back and forth and compare songs as much as you like. Each info page allows you to jump directly to the Cornell page and the Wikipedia page for that bird. Worth the price.
Aftgnitec on Jan 17, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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Easy to use, excellent calls, fun for adults and kids. I'm always curious about the bird songs we hear in our yard, but don't always see the bird. This app makes it so much easier than reading the description of a call in a bird book.
cparkerr on Jan 4, 2011 for version 2.0.1
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Good app for a casual interest with birds. Wish that some of the "music" descriptions were longer. Be prepared for the 200+ Meg download.
Aplnut on Dec 5, 2010 for version 2.0.0
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Great app! A bird fanciers delight.
This app is easy to use, has a simple interface, the bird song recordings are excellent, the bird pictures are great and the app covers all the birds in the US (there is a European version I have not used). It starts with getting your location. Then you can list the birds by first name, last name, commonness or song style. Choose a bird and see a picture and hear the song. Take a walk in your neighborhood and you can immediately begin to recognize the birds by their song. Robins, junkos, sparrows, finches and wrens all announce who they are. Take a hike in the hills nearby or the lake or sea shore. You can hear robins, crows, gulls, herons, ducks and hawks and match their sound and picture. There are links to Cornell and Wiki for added information. I would recommend this for amateur bird watchers or anyone that ever wanted to know "what is that bird I hear?"
lar_kap on Oct 15, 2010 for version 2.0.0
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Fun, fun, fun
Freak out the birds in your area by playing the sounds for all different types of birds in your region. They come a calling. The birds that is. What fun to watch birds fly around the house, sit on the roof and hide in the trees to find the mate. A must have download. I'm not kidding.
mallorysd on May 7, 2010 for version 1.0.1
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Almost Perfect
I'm using it to study for the Science Olympiad ornithology event, and it was incredibly useful. The quiz and map functions are great, sound clips are clear, and controls are simple. The only flaws are that the references to birds with similar calls aren't links, and the Cornell data are stored off-app. All flaws are perfectly reasonable, and do not truly affect function. My mom adores it, I adore it, the dog finds it perplexing, but we think he adores it, too. This app is worth getting, if you are a birdwatcher (amateur or longtime enthusiast), or studying for a test, or just interested.
Sarah2124096 on May 1, 2010 for version 1.0.1
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