CASSINI Synth for iPad: Grrreat synth power in Cassini! Review

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Grrreat synth power in Cassini!
I really like this synth sound/texture and it has a clear and unobtrusive interface. Really easy to get into and learn. Please add support for Audiobus. Thank you for the Cassini synth!
Songwritten on Dec 11, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Complex sounds, but expect to roll your patches
PLUS -------- + Waveshapes are standard (sine, saw, pulse, triangle, noise), but there are countless ways to modulate them. (1) Almost everything that can be modulated has its own envelope and LFO. (2) Most of the envelopes have six articulations instead of the usual four: delay, attack, hold, decay, sustain, release. --> Great for long notes and pads. + It has audiocopy for sharing performances with other apps. + It has a powerful arpeggiator (comparable to Sunrizer or Addictive). + You get a ton of functionality for the price. MINUS --------- - The presets don't come anywhere close to showing what this synth is capable of. Plan on rolling your own patches. If you're already familiar with subtractive synthesis, no problem. But this is not an instrument for beginners. For more patches, look at "Casino" from Sunsine Audio. A pack of 59 sells for US$2.50. NOTE: I've seen some complaints here, from folks who bought the iPhone version, about the iPad version not being free. Come on, folks: think about what you paid for the original version, and be realistic. Review text edited for latest update, 8 Nov. 2012.
David Wilson-Okamura on Nov 8, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Sounds great!
At the time of this review, this is, IMHO, one of the top 3 synths in the App Store from a sound quality standpoint. I'm not a fan of the interface, but it has a nice feature set. It really does sound great.
AG Hatecraft on Oct 20, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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ARP is unusable
I really like this synth, easy uncluttered interface, amazing features, but i have some grips. First, the arpeggiator is useless, it does not keep time correctly, meaning beats are out of time, almost randomly, by a few ms, you could say i am being picky, but try it and you'll see, those few ms really count, and they are really noticeable (this is in my new ipad, i haven't tried it on any other model, but i guess it would be the same case). Also the presets aren't really good, and you should at least name them, but since i don't commonly use presets, i didn't take any star away for that. So it's one star for the unusable arpeggiator, and one for the lack of correct midi implementation, I mean midi works fine, but any time you move a knob in the hardware, you expect to see it respond in real time in the software, but on this synth that doesn't happen, so sometimes it is difficult to keep track of what you are doing. Other than that i really really like this synth, you really nailed the interface, a real step up from argon, it is simple, uncluttered, but good looking too, one of the most beautiful synths, the waves sound fat and the wave mod tools are really sweet, I don't regret the purchase, but would really really like those two points fixed, the arp interface is amazing, but yet again render useless by the problem mentioned. Would still recommend this to a friend. P.S. for 3 bucks a piece, I fail to see anything wrong about charging for it twice for the iphone and ipad version, take for example animoog, it's ipad and iphone versions are nearly the same, yet the ipad version costs you 30 and the iphone version an additional 10, i think 6 bucks (or maybe about 10 without the discounts) for cassini is more than fair. But I guess the people complaining aren't real musicians, more like random app buyers, else they would know the price of a vst instrument, and in comparison to this, makes cassini a real bargain.
OZPerpetue on Sep 2, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Really good synth!
I'm happy with this purchase! The sounds are beautiful and is changeable. Thanks for making this app! It's one of my favs :)
Christie G. on Aug 28, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Cassini for iPad
Some synths are complex and unpredictable. Maybe it's the operator. Cassini is complex but easily predictable. It's difficult to describe why I enjoy Cassini but I can gets the sounds I'm looking for quickly and accurately. Cheers to the developer for a Nice job! To the people who bought on iPhone first, I am sympathetic to your frustration. I completely agree universal is the way to go for developers looking to ensure customer satisfaction. I don't understand the challenges in app development so maybe I'm uninformed. I can say Nanostudio offered free universal updates after a massive GUI for iPad and the community is thriving so I guess it comes down to the motivations of the developer. IF I had bought the iPhone app I would have bought the iPad upgrade as well but I didn't buy the iPhone so I am not caught in the crossfire. At any rate enjoy this awesome $3 synth, and go do what you set out to do in the first place, MAKE MUSIC! Cheers.
circusclown on Aug 16, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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