CASSINI Synth for iPad: Great app, very deep editing Review

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Great app, very deep editing
Love it, but now need audiobus please! Thanks!
meintime on Feb 28, 2013 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Decent Synth
This synth is not bad, but there are definitely better ones on the market. The sounds are fine and there is a lot of depth when it comes to tweaking. My two main issues are a lack of Audiobus support and there seems to be a bit of latency in the real-time playing. If you're playing too fast, some of the notes don't register. Other than that, it's not bad, but not my first choice either.
SongsInMyHead on Feb 18, 2013 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Will update score when you update app
This synth lacks audiobus...and i am removing all non audiobus supported synths, as they will poo on my workflow.
Mic Gee$ on Feb 4, 2013 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Sound Malphunktion
This app has an enormous amount of features, and it should be considered one of the best on the market. The three oscillators have a wide variety of waveforms to choose from including FM and Noise. Within each oscillator you have advanced Level/DAHDSR envelopes, wave shaping, various pitch adjusting options, keyboard tracking and velocity, LFO with selectable L/M/H/Tempo range frequency and phase, PER Oscillator! Oscillator 1 features a 2 octave Sub, while oscillators 2 & 3 have ring modulation or sync. There are two filters which also have selectable filter types ranging from -24/18/12/6 db Lowpass to HP, BP, and Formant. They have provided advanced envelopes for the filters as well, plus a saturator effect within the filter and independent LFOs (per filter) along with the ability to modulate cutoff and resonance with multiple sources using the envelopes or LFOs. It's worth mentioning they have provided the LFOs with selectable AD/AR envelopes. The LFOs have a large section dedicated to control with options ranging from a large variety of waveforms, wave shaping, phase and frequency. Another really cool LFO feature is called accent where you can select cycle divisions and ratio. Most parameters can be modulated from either the LFO or the Envelope using linear or bi-polar modulation. The AMP section doesn't disappoint either giving you an additional Saturator with an independent equalizer for Bass/Mid/Treble. Here you will find another advanced independent envelope along with AM capabilities and a panning section and another independent LFO. This synthesizer doesn't house a plethora of FX, but they aren't missed at all. The delay has a ton of timing and modulation options to keep you busy as well as different types to choose from. The Arp has some really unique features that morph it into a step sequencer to top it all off. Any synthesizer enthusiast will have a field day here for sure!
Sound Malphunktion on Dec 29, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Complex sounds, but expect to roll your patches
PLUS -------- + Waveshapes are standard (sine, saw, pulse, triangle, noise), but there are countless ways to modulate them. (1) Almost everything that can be modulated has its own envelope and LFO. (2) Most of the envelopes have six articulations instead of the usual four: delay, attack, hold, decay, sustain, release. --> Great for long notes and pads. + It has audiocopy for sharing performances with other apps. + It has a powerful arpeggiator (comparable to Sunrizer or Addictive). + You get a ton of functionality for the price. MINUS --------- - The presets don't come anywhere close to showing what this synth is capable of. Plan on rolling your own patches. If you're already familiar with subtractive synthesis, no problem. But this is not an instrument for beginners. For more patches, look at "Casino" from Sunsine Audio. A pack of 59 sells for US$2.50. NOTE: I've seen some complaints here, from folks who bought the iPhone version, about the iPad version not being free. Come on, folks: think about what you paid for the original version, and be realistic. Review text edited for latest update, 8 Nov. 2012.
David Wilson-Okamura on Nov 8, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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Sounds great!
At the time of this review, this is, IMHO, one of the top 3 synths in the App Store from a sound quality standpoint. I'm not a fan of the interface, but it has a nice feature set. It really does sound great.
AG Hatecraft on Oct 20, 2012 for CASSINI Synth for iPad
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